Daughter’s Page

31st March 2013 – Bunny in Spring – Happy Easter
Bunny in Spring

May 2012.

My 11yr old daughter now has her own website here.

All younger visitors are welcome to comment.

* * * * *

Here are some recent pictures drawn by my daughter (who’ll be 11 in October)….

Some of her favourite cuddlies – in pastel & aquapencil

The English Roses (after Jeffrey Fulvamari) at Miss Fluffernutter & Mr Rossi’s wedding.

Here are some book reviews by my daughter, aged 10…

Wee on a Jellyfish Sting and Other Lies…by Tracey Turner.
This book is all about those whopping, great lies grown-ups tell you that are not true, like that it takes seven YEARS to digest chewing gum, or that goldfish have a three second memory. Those things are NOT true. It’s proved in this amazing, helpful book. I personally love fact books, they are so good, and they clue you up on those fab facts. There’s nothing more to say, but I think it is one of the BEST BOOKS EVER!!!!!

Why Headless Chickens Run and Other Bonkers Things by Michael Cox.
This is the sequel to Wee on a Jellyfish Sting but this time, it’s not lies which grown-ups tell you, but those odd questions (and fantastic facts) which no-one ever knows the answer to; like how long people in the past lived for and more. I think this book is really great, because if you have read my last review, you probably know I love fact books!       10/10

My Totally Secret Diary:On Stage in Americaby Dee Shulman

This book is about a girl called Polly Price, whose mother is a famous actress. She travels to San Francisco because her Mum is doing a show. There are two horrible girls called Ophelia and Aurora who are unbelievably mean to her (and others) and she is very embarrassed about her Mum, but suddenly out of no-where, she is asked to be the lead (She wasn’t even in the play any way, but thankfully, she had picked up the words) because Ophelia had hurt her foot. Will she do it? I’m not going to spoil it, so, you’ll have to find out yourself. 10/10

Rations, A Very Peculiar History (Cherished Library) by David Arscott

AMAZING!!! It tells you everything you would ever want to know about rationing in WWII. There is a list of how much of everything you could get in a week, pictures of posters like Mrs Sew-and-sew, and there are even some recipes from the war like Woolton Pie – a vegetable pie named after the Minister for Food!

This is such a good book, I did my talk we had to do for school on rationing – it came in very handy. 9 ½/10

* * * * *

These are books my daughter enjoyed when she was 9.

Dog Days: Diary of a Wimpy Kid (Book 4) by Jeff Kinney

This is a fantastic book! It is really funny, exciting and even scary at times. The boy’s name is Greg, his best friend is called Rowley. Greg’s Mum says they can’t afford to go to the beach this summer, and that really reuined Greg’s holiday. So Greg phones Rowley to come for a sleepover. But they don’t watch any old movie, they watch one with this muddy hand which creeps up on people and suddenly … it strangles them to death!! They were really, truly scared that night, (did I mention they were in the basement?) So, then Greg started going to Rowley’s house. Rowley’s family is very rich, so they had their OWN country club and the boys spent nearly £100 on smoothies but they did not realise …

The English Roses by Madonna

The English Roses started out as four girls: Grace, Amy, Nicole and Charlotte. Charlotte is the posh one, Nicole is the brainiac, Amy the fashionista, and Grace is most definitely the sporty one. They do everything and I mean EVERYTHING together, whether homeworks of shopping, skating or having a picnic.  But all their Mums think they are being slightly nasty to a girl called Binah. She has beautiful blonde hair, honey-milk skin, but most importantly … no mother. So, gradually they become friends, best friends in fact so the English Roses four becomes five … Charlotte the posh one, Amy the fashionista, Grace the sports maniac, Nicole the absolute brainbox, and finally, Binah, the peacemaker.

The Lazy Princess by Hannah Sandling

It is a brilliant book for starters and is a hugely useful sleepover companion. It gives tips on accessorising old, boring clothes into new jazzy, funky statements. Also, as I said, perfect sleepover ideas, along with great ways to make sure friendships last forever. But as well as all that it gives good ideas on how to be fabulous while still being eco friendly.

(Mum says – this is more of the type of ‘The Glorious Book for Girls ‘  etc, but really aimed at slightly older girls)

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