Please don’t follow me here…

Dear readers,

I would love you to follow me at the new home of my blog below instead…


Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Please don’t follow me here…

  1. I subscribed through the email which I’ve been using to read your blog, and a few minutes later you popped into my WordPress Reader but what I’m seeing doesn’t match what I saw when I clicked your ‘Annabel’ link. This will either sound like gibberish or make complete sense to you!

    • I’ve kept my old blog going, (which is the ‘Annabel’s House of Books at as many of the old posts didn’t export to the new website which is I did a new post on the old blog to encourage a few who used to follow me but didn’t move over AnnaBookBel to give it another go, as I lost so many followers when I changed to my own domain. (I won’t be posting from the old blog again!) Sorry it was confusing.

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