Just to say, I’m going to join in the Books on the Nightstand Summer Book Bingo along with Simon S and Simon T and surely many others.

Here’s my card:

Book Bingo

Get your own card here and join in the fun!


13 thoughts on “Bingo!

  1. Good luck! I’m tempted, but I’m just so hopeless at challenges….

    • So am I. I’m behind on Powell, Annabel’s shelves and am bound not to manage this – but it’s all good fun and done with good intentions to manage the TBR better!

  2. I mean to do this every year, but it always coincides with Summer School reading and so unless I can combine the two I really don’t have the time.

  3. What are you going to read for the “that scares you” box? Or are you planning on just going for a bingo instead of filling all the squares?

    • Annie – I haven’t planned that far! What books scare me? Well I could go for some proper nasty horror but it would have to be very nasty to scare me properly. Alternatively I have a biography of Magda Goebbels somewhere …

  4. Did my reply disappear? Hmm.
    Anyway, was just saying that this looked great until I saw ‘sports related’, and that I’m intrigued to know what you’ll choose for ‘hated by someone you know’!

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