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Time for a few links to my reviews at Shiny New Books.  Feel free to comment here or there.

I shall start off today with a crowd pleaser!

Ross Poldark by Winston Graham

ross-poldark-978144728152801What a good excuse to be able to post pics of Aidan Turner and Robin Ellis as new and old TV Poldarks (along with their respective Demelzas of course)!

I welcomed being able to re-read the first novel in Graham’s popular series, (and am now getting stuck in to Demelza, the second). OK, my review is less about the book, and more about comparing and contrasting it with the TV series – but, I enjoyed reading again the beginning of the story I loved so much as a teenager when I devoured the books first time around.

The good news is that the BBC will definitely make a second series!

Meanwhile here’s the link to my full piece: click here.

To accompany the book/TV review, I also compiled an entry in Shiny’s Five Fascinating Facts series about Winston Graham: click here.

Interview with Jane Thynne

War-of-Flowers-final-front_480x_acf_croppedI am, as you may already know, a big fan of Jane Thynne’s Clara Vine novels – the latest of which, A War of Flowers, I reviewed here.

So it was a pleasure to be able to interview her again, this time for Shiny New Books. We talked about the series, some of its themes, her research and all those characters from real life inside the Third Reich in the late 1930s as well as the conversations around the dinner table – her husband, Philip Kerr, also writes spy novels set in 1930s Germany!

This series gets better and better with each addition – I can’t wait for the fourth novel.

For the full interview: click here.

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3 thoughts on “Some Shiny linkiness

  1. I used to watch Poldark with my Mum (she was probably the one swooning over Robin Ellis, as I was a bit too young back then). And I did read most of the books when I grew a little older. I wasn’t quite sure about the new adaptation at first – as in, why don’t they just show us the old series again instead of filming a new one, not just Poldark but a lot of classic series – but I do rather like it now. And not just because of Aiden Turner, although of course he does help…

  2. I’m on Warleggan, which I think is Poldark book 4. I never read them when I was younger, but I’m really enjoying them. They’re easy and I like the characters.

  3. While I’m not in that group you might be crowd-pleasing(!!) I have to admit Aiden Turner has made an impact in our house – the women in my life can’t take their eyes off him and I’m thinking of dying my grey hair black to try and wrest some attention back my way!!!! But I didn’t know there were Poldark books so I will use this to try and encourage my family to read ( in between drools and gawping!)

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