More fool me? …

tbr-dare-2014It’s April 1 – and the end of the TBR dare, so time for an update.

If you consider only the books I’ve reviewed for this blog, I only cheated fully once and partially twice!

The full cheat was the pair of Quick Reads titles I squeezed in on convenient train journeys.
The partial cheats were: The Helios Disaster by Linda Bostrum Knausgard – which I had originally planned to review for Shiny New Books, but found too weird and my thoughts too bitty to write a coherent full-length piece for Shiny, and Lurid & Cute by Adam Thirlwell – another Shiny read which I disliked so much I couldn’t finish it!

Including those above, I have read 34 books so far this year, of which 16 were on my TBR before Jan 1st and 14 are Shiny Reviews for issues 4 in January and issue 5 coming next week and were excluded from the TBR Dare accordingly.  I hope that James, TBR Dare host, will forgive me for my partial participation this year. As ever, my intentions were good – but I am fooling myself if I didn’t realise I had so many reviews to read/write for Shiny!

Needless to say, I have read some cracking books for Issue 5 of Shiny including several wonderful debuts, a couple of non-fiction titles, a much-loved re-read and that new novel by ‘Ish’…

Back to normal soon.



4 thoughts on “More fool me? …

  1. That’s an impressive score, Annabel. I’m not sure I want to share my dismal attempt after reading about your success. I think of the 37 books I’ve read so far this year, only 10 were from my TBR list, 7 or 8 for reviews and the rest… were just impulse borrows or buys or one thing led to another… my willpower is nil.

  2. 16 is good. You inspired me to do the tbr dare. Out of 23 books I read 15 from my tbr, 4 were audiobooks which I always get from the library (so that doesn’t count??!!), 4 were books I had on hand from the library at 31 December. Not as good as I thought, I wanted to get through at least 20 from my tbr. I’m thinking of doing the tbr dare again from July through to September…

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