Leonard Nimoy – R.I.P.

spock live longI wasn’t going to post this weekend and I don’t usually write RIP pieces, but the death of Leonard Nimoy yesterday did bring a tear to my eye, and a smile too as many fond memories were evoked.

Although he had a varied career as actor and director, he will forever be Mr Spock for me. I grew up with the half Vulcan, half human who kept Captain Kirk in line, made it alright to be different, yet had such dignity.

The Telegraph has put together a wonderful collection of clips, tweets, tributes and links here, but below is Nimoy’s last tweet…  LLAP is, of course the Vulcan greeting ‘Live Long and Prosper’. We’ll miss him.

nimoy final tweet


3 thoughts on “Leonard Nimoy – R.I.P.

  1. I was coping till I saw the last tweet…I grew up with Spock too, so I’m feeling pretty sad about it today. 😦

  2. Following hard on the heels of the death of RSC actor, Alan Howard, this hit me hard. I feel as if major parts of my early life are being ripped away.

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