A Weekend Miscellany…

Traghetto by Juliet Gaskell, aged 6

Traghetto. © Juliet Gaskell, 2006

Apparently it is #ArchiveDay today.  I don’t know who has designated it such – but twitter is alive with tweets to good folks’ archives – so I shall highlight my three most viewed posts since starting this blog – and an odd collection they make too:

  1. ‘Fashion! Turn to the Left. Fashion! Turn to the Right.’which comes top of the list with nearly 6,000 pageviews. In it I look at the gorgeous DK book Fashion – Ultimate book of costume and style; from 2012.
  2. Book v Movie – Salmon Fishing in the Yemen with 3,700 views. Does what it says in the title really; from 2012.
  3. 5 Brilliant Books Set in Venice. This post from 2010 is notable for featuring a drawing by my daughter saved from when she was 6. (She’s now 14!!!)

 * * * * *

Next: Another new book I’m really excited about reading and must make time for – Discovering Scarfolk by Richard Littler.
It’s a spoof 1970s tourist guide – decidedly Midwych Cuckoos meets the nuclear war leaflet Protect and Survive in one of those old Hamlyn books (see my old post here) style. My copy arrived a couple of days ago and it looks scarily well done.

* * * * *

And finally – look what I got this morning at the Shippon Church book sale (open until 4pm today, on the Barrow Road between the end of Abingdon and Dalton Barracks).

A good haul for £15 don’t you think…

P1020197 (600x800)


9 thoughts on “A Weekend Miscellany…

  1. I think you call that eclectic! I particularly like the Venetian post. I heard about #archiveday last week – apparently it’s every Saturday. Nice idea, and what a fantastic book sale haul!

  2. Great haul love scarfolk cover sounds like an interesting book lots spooky films and books in late sixties and early seventies so great time frame to set a book

  3. Good haul. I want to like Neil Jordan but can’t seem to get on with his writing so never finish his work. I heard Richard Benson at Port Eiiot and was very attracted to his writing, still on my tbr though. Stephen Hunt: unknown to me, ditto The Madonna of the Sleeping Cars’ author – intriguing title – let us know about it please?
    And your archive has sent me exploring especially as I had my first ever visit to Venice this summer (part of my big birthday present), The drawing is lovely, beautifully detailed and proportioned.

    • Thank you re J’s drawing. It was amazing for a 6yr old! I must go back to Venice – soon! The Stephen Hunt is the third (I think) in a series – steampunky stuff – I have the first two but not read yet. I’ve never read Neil Jordan, so that one (like most of those in the pile) is an experiment!

  4. That’s a delicious pile of new acquisitions. Paul Theroux is my favourite travel writer. What is that chunky black one which looks like a classics title

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