The Bookshop Crawl for IBW2014

Bookshop-Crawl-Participating-200-x-200Today I participated in (as far as I was able) the Bookshop Crawl for Indie Booksellers Week. I visited the two indie bookshops in our town and got my daughter to take a picture of me at each.

Here I am at Mostly Books in Abingdon, where I was welcomed and given a sticker for the crawl and bought two books … (both unknown unknowns – see the previous post).


and below here I am at The Bookstore in Abingdon where let’s say they were very low-key about it …  I bought some cards.



6 thoughts on “The Bookshop Crawl for IBW2014

  1. Recently I found a little bookstore ( The Bookmark) in a rural village nearby my home. it is in the front of an older house. I purchased three children’s books and they were a big hit with my nieces. Especially the one about the quirky princess and the shy and sweet dragon, Marmaduke.. The book is called Marmaduke, It was a special thing to find the store, appreciate the business effort of the owner, select the books and finally read the wonderful books to my little grand nieces, ages 5 and 2.

  2. Jealous….. although can I count the Oxfam and the Samaritans Book Cave? :))

  3. There are only 2 used book shops where I live. One will order new books if you pre-pay. This is a business I wouldn’t want to be in…

  4. I’m channelling the green-eyed monster as well. Still, I do have good secondhand shops within relatively easy reach. I suppose my problem is that there can never be too many bookshops.

  5. There is no “independent booksellers week” where I live and especially because Canada is such a vast and sparsely populated country by contrast to the UK, the small stores truly face a challenge. But our little post inspired me to ensure that one of the few remaining independent stores here in town was still alive and well. Thankfully the Owl’s Nest Bookstore here in Calgary is still here and I left with three books I likely would never have encountered by any of my usual means.

    Thanks for spreading a little notion a great distance.

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