Happy Easter

As my daughter is spending the rest of Easter with her father, we did our Easter Eggs on Good Friday. I hid loads of little ones all around the house in places that the cats couldn’t get to, and that kept her occupied for ages finding them – with additional cryptic clues from me for those last few difficult ones – we do this every year, and the challenge is to think of some new places!  Juliet also did a little treasure hunt with riddles for me, with some Malteaster bunnies and mini-eggs at the end of it – Yum, yum.

Happy Easter everyone.


7 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Sounds like great fun! Happy Easter, Annabel – hope you’ll be getting some lovely Easter reading done, now you have chocolate to keep you company, as it were!

  2. What fun! And what a lovely mum and daughter you are! Have a lovely and relaxing Easter, Annabel!

  3. Happy Easter Annabel. We’ve just completed our Easter egg hunt here. The Easter Bunny leaves a rudimentary map! I discovered my Galaxy egg in the oven this morning. 🙂

  4. Happy Easter! Glad to hear the hunt was a success — the nice thing is that you can’t have found them all (unless you have a truly phenomenal memory), and you’ll probably find one or two now and then over the next few weeks. At least that has always been my experience of Easter egg hunts.

    • My daughter (cannily?) made me keep a list of exactly where I’d put them so she could get clues later. She doesn’t like the uncertainty of not knowing whether she found them all or not! 🙂

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