Annabel elsewhere – Jill Dawson & Val McDermid

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The Tell Tale Heart - UK hardback coverThe first book I’d like to highlight is Jill Dawson’s wonderful new novel The Tell-Tale Heart – My Shiny New Books review.  Dawson is an author whose novels I always enjoy, (my blog review of her previous novel Lucky Bunny is here).

The Tell-Tale Heart is the story of a university professor and professional reprobate that needs a heart transplant, and his teenaged donor. This book is by an author writing at the height of her powers.  Full of hearty references, humour and sadness, and I loved it.

You can also read the SNBks interview with Jill Dawson here.

northangerThen we have something completely different…

Northanger Abbey by Val McDermid is the second novel in a series of modern retellings of the works of Austen – My Shiny New Books review.

You never have paired Austen and McDermid together, but she has done it proud, producing a frothy teenage novel for the Twilight generation that keeps all the essential plot elements in, but works perfectly in the world of dating and texting, txtg.

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Source: Publishers – thank you. To explore further on Amazon UK, please click below:
The Tell-tale Heart by Jill Dawson, pub Feb 2014 by Sceptre, Hardback 256pages.
Northanger Abbey (Austen Project 2) by Val McDermid, pub Mar 2014 by The Borough Press, Hardback 352 pages.


6 thoughts on “Annabel elsewhere – Jill Dawson & Val McDermid

  1. There’s a small part of my own ego that would secretly like to be a professional reprobate! So I will try Jill Dawson with more than a passing interest!

  2. I so wanted to enjoy Northanger Abbey but it just wasn’t for me. I felt as though McDermid followed the original too slavishly and had to make some bizarre 18th century compromises with 21st century characters and plot as a result.

    • I suppose I just dove into it, and let the froth carry me away. On the whole I thought the plot worked – although in retrospect I preferred the Edinburgh bits to the actual Abbey bits.

  3. How good was the writing? I wonder if I would be driven slightly crazy by somebody trying to make Jane Austen “relevant”. Twilight has its place, and Jane Austen has its place. However, if the story was interesting enough and the writing better than average, I might give it a go.

    • Opinion is varied depending on which angle you approach the book from. I knew it had been written to be youthful and to appeal to younger readers, and felt it achieved that. Others may expect more …

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