It’s a ‘twofer’ – today you get 2 milestones for the price of 1

Firstly – I’ve reached a blogging milestone.

THIS IS MY 1000th POST!!!

I’ve been blogging since September 2008, which means I’ve managed on average 181.818 recurring posts per year, or a post almost every other day. Bloomin’ ‘eck! How did that happen?  But – forget all about that!

* * * * *

Secondly, today is the first day that I can officially tell you about my new project.  The website SHINY NEW BOOKS will go live at approximately 9am (BST) on Monday 7th April, i.e. in a week’s time.  Please click through NOW and subscribe to our email newsletter, so you don’t miss a thing!  

Together with three of my best blog-friends: Victoria, Simon and Harriet, we are proudly launching SHINY NEW BOOKS – a new online book recommendations magazine.  I hope you’re a little bit curious about how this came about?

Well … Victoria had posted on her blog about her ideal online books magazine. I’d been commenting elsewhere about the lack of trusted reviews in the press these days and that most of the reviews seemed to be non-fiction, and that I thought there was room for a blogger-led review magazine. Victoria spotted this, and bless her, contacted me (thank you 🙂  ). We thought we’d give it a go and see what happened.  One of the first things we realised was that we needed more people on the editorial team. We said ‘Simon T’ simultaneously and luckily for us he said, ‘Yes’.  Then the three of us said, we need a fourth editor – and we all said ‘Harriet’ and she said yes too!   A couple of Skype calls later, and Shiny New Books was born.

Our intent from the start has been to harness the expertise of our blogging contacts to bring you well-written reviews of a great selection of books you might want to read, be it fiction or non-fiction, contemporary or reprinted.  A lot of wonderful UK bloggers have contributed towards our first issue, and we thank them sincerely – we couldn’t do it without them.

The main thrust of SNB will be quarterly, following UK publishers’ catalogues, so the first issue features reviews of books published from Jan 2014 through to early April. However, we’ll have a mini-issue in May with additional reviews, and the email newsletter will be monthly-ish and with competitions and discussion threads and links to additional reviews.

One of the areas that we are proudest of is our ‘BookBuzz‘ section. We’ve been talking to authors, publishers and other specialists and commissioning a whole load of articles about authors’ processes, influences and stories; how books come about; and background articles and information to books featured in our main review sections.

The four of us are, of course, terribly excited about Shiny New Books and we hope we can rely on you to visit, join in, and spread the word.

Please also visit our facebook page: and twitter: and follow/like us.




28 thoughts on “It’s a ‘twofer’ – today you get 2 milestones for the price of 1

  1. Congrats on 1000th. Haven’t managed to write 1000 words never mind posts myself so am super impressed. Congrats on SNB! Great idea – am sure it’ll be huge success! Have just taken month off from blog reading and all things books cos of work – today is my first day back – so it makes for a wonderful reintro to book land!

  2. Congrats Annabel – well done on the posts! And looking forward to SNB very much 😉

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  4. Double congratulations! I am very excited about SNB and can’t wait until Monday. The site already looks wonderful and it all sounds fabulous.

  5. Double congrats from me as well. I have tried once or twice to write book reviews and have fallen rather flat so I am totally in awe of those that can (and you do it so well). I’ve signed up to SNB and I’m waiting in anticipation!

    • Thank you Sharkell – Let me assure you it’s taken a lot of practice at review writing, and not being an English grad, I don’t think I’m there yet. However, I enjoy being able to talk about the books I read, and engage with anyone like you who wants to talk about them with me. 🙂

  6. Very exciting (and a little daunting I expect)! Congrats too on 1000 posts. Wow – that’s a lot of book blogging!

  7. well done on a 100 post I’ve 130 odd to I get to my 1000 post but hope to by end of the year but started in 2009 .Good luck with the new site ,all the best stu

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