Spring is sprung …

robin page bookRobin Page will be familiar to many from his TV career hosting One Man and His Dog in the 1990s, and lately for his countryside columns for the Telegraph newspaper.

I found this delightful little book he wrote back in 1977 nestling away on my shelves this morning, and as it’s the vernal equinox today – the official first day of spring, I thought I’d share some spring weather lore with you from it…

It is usually claimed that spring starts on 21 March, but in fact ‘it is not spring until you can put a foot down on twelve daisies’. Daisies are among the first flowers to respond to the warming sun and the rising sap, but many springs do not really start until April or May.

Alongside all the natural barometers of the weather from the plant and animal world, this little book is full of proverbs and aphorisms like:

If March comes in like a lion,
It goes out like a lamb.
If it comes in like a lamb,
It goes out like a lion.

I’ve just checked back on the Abingdon Blog for March 1st – and Alastair reported a sunny St David’s Day with well-wrapped people sitting outside to drink their coffees on the Market Square. Best keep a brolly on me for next week then.

What should we watch for in April. Page tells us:

April is most famous for its showers, which are often at their heaviest on the last Saturday of the month, the first day of the cricket season. It is also a month which gives an indication of the weather to come later on in the summer.

Thunder in April
Floods in May.

I do hope not!  Had enough of that this year already, haven’t we.

When April blows his horn,
‘Tis good for hay and corn.

I was going to put this book in my bag for the charity shop, but actually I enjoyed this so much, it’s going onto my reference shelves.

Whatever the weather, enjoy your spring!


4 thoughts on “Spring is sprung …

  1. Having had some sun, I can’t believe that the weather would ever revert. Will be interesting to see how the advice compares!

  2. It was great to read this, Annabel. I’m living in Crete now, so spring is a little further along, but I do miss springtime trips out into the Kent countryside, with that wonderful freshness in the air. March certainly came in like a lamb here – it was grey and chilly after quite a pleasant February – but this week it’s started to feel like spring, and the forecast suggests the month will indeed finish like a lion. Not sure if the other aphorisms would hold true here, though! Hope you have a thunder-free April 🙂

  3. Well, Spring must have been with us in Birmingham for sometime because I noticed a patch of daisies where I could definitely have put my foot on at least a dozen two or three weeks ago. Maybe it arrived very early in just that one particular corner of the campus.

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