The TBR Triple Dog Dare update …

Triple Dog DareIt’s the start of March. Last year, when James launched this year’s TBR Dare, I gaily signed up again. I’ve participated all four years this has been running – and up til now been successful in only reading from my TBR piles between Jan 1 and Apr 1 – the full three months; the only exceptions being book group picks.

Sadly – well not actually! – this year I’ve fallen by the wayside. I’ve a new project, which is very exciting but is not ready to tell you about yet suffice it to say I’ve had to drop TBR reading for now.

However, I’d like to thank James and his dog Dakota for being wonderful hosts, and encouraging me each year to revisit my overloaded shelves and find some gems to read that I already had.

This year, the highlight for me has been to discover Patrick Hamilton’s masterful novel Hangover Square, which I reviewed here. It’s a true British classic of the 1930s, a black tragicomedy whose exquisite prose was a delight, even in the bleakness of its subject.


5 thoughts on “The TBR Triple Dog Dare update …

  1. I really want to hear about this project of yours. Dakota and I allow exceptions, and we also allow people to do only partial TBR Dares. It’s all about having fun, and it sounds like you have had plenty of fun.

    I don’t own a copy of Hangover Square, but it has been on my radar for a few years. Maybe next month…..

  2. Things do get in the way of plans sometimes, don’t they? 🙂 I’ve pretty much given up trying to stick to *any* plan……!

  3. I only signed up for two months this year and apart from one exception (for an author event) I made it. Now, however, I’m going to dive into all my lovely new books ….

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