My Literary Chunkster Poll – The Results!

So here are the results of my poll …

Somehow it wasn’t surprising to see Jonathan Franzen, Tom Wolfe and Norman Mailer up in the top few places.  What was surprising though was that although quite a few people commented that they didn’t like The Children’s Book – it got the least votes, and that despite several people saying they liked I am Charlotte Simmons – it was way out in front.

Thank you to everyone who voted. It was fun watching it change.

Now scroll down below the results to see which books I’m going to chuck and which two books I’ll keep ….


Wolfe 1

The two I’m keeping are:


Yes – despite everything I’m going to keep this particular Tom Wolfe novel – but – I am going to get rid of the other two of his lurking on my shelves: A Man in Full and Back to Blood instead – so it’s a two-fer. Enough people who’ve actually read I am Charlotte Simmons commented that they enjoyed it, so I will keep it for now. As for The Passage – I still can’t resist vampires, and I have the sequel too – just need the time to read them.

I’ve been flicking through The Children’s Book, and despite all the comments in its defence, I know it’s not for me – I think I bought it primarily for its beautiful cover.  I nearly decided to keep Human Traces, but I remember my late Mum saying how it went on and on and took so long to read.

But as well as getting rid of the rest, I’m also adding Norman Mailer’s 781pp The Naked and the Dead, Jonathan Littell’s 1279pp The Company (another history of the CIA type novel!), and the sub-500pp but I’ll never read it jPod by Douglas Coupland.

Let me just set this in context… Most years I read around 30,000 pages.  Those 13 books add up to 10,245 pages – they would take me over four months to read with nothing else in between.

 I call that a result.  Thank you for helping to make it fun!


8 thoughts on “My Literary Chunkster Poll – The Results!

  1. That IS a result! And it was fun to take part. I’ll be very interested to know what you make of the Charlotte Simmons and The Passage (which I have heard good things about in the reviews I read!).

  2. Well done Annabel! You’ve saved yourself a lot of reading time – I need to be as strong as you and weed out a few volumes….!

  3. I do hope you like The Passage. It is a favourite of mine. I’m a bit disappointed that Norman Mailer is out as I would have liked to hear what you thought of him. Mailer is an author that changed my world – he introduced me to the joys of literary fiction and his work holds a special place in my heart (although I have only read a couple of his books). I listened to Human Traces a couple of years ago and I did find it a bit longwinded, but quite interesting at the same time, enough to keep me listening anyway but not a book that I would strongly recommend. Good on you for having the strength to throw books out. I have trouble throwing anything out that I haven’t given a go.

  4. I missed your poll but it’s interesting to see the results as I have been appreciating the chunksters more and more lately. There are several on this list that I haven’t heard of. I hope you enjoy The Passage – the only word I can use to describe it is epic, and The Twelve is even bigger and better!

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