Top Novels – part two

Following on from my post yesterday on my top-rated novels by men, here is part two featuring novels by women. This listiness was inspired by Thomas at My Porch.

The books listed are those scoring 9.5 or a perfect 10 on my spreadsheet which I’ve kept since 2005. It’s a much shorter list, there are 35 titles this time …  do share your thoughts.

My Top-rated Novels Written by Women

birthday boysBainbridge, Beryl – An awfully big adventure (1989), The Birthday Boys (1991), Every man for himself (1996)
Barker, Nicola – Clear (2004)
Chevalier, Tracy – Girl with a pearl earring (1999)
Delafield, EM -Diary of a Provincial Lady (1930)
DeWitt, Helen – Lightning Rods (2012)
Evaristo, Bernardine – Mr Loverman (2013)
Grushin, Olga – The Concert Ticket (2010)
Harris, Charlaine – Dead until dark (2001)
, Alice – The Ice Queen (2005)
What did you do in the war Mum?Ivey, Eowyn – The Snow Child (2012)
Jackson, Shirley – We have always lived in the castle (1962)
Jensen, Liz War – Crimes for the Home (2002)
Klaussman, Liza – Tigers in Red Weather (2012)
Martin, Valerie – Property (2003)
Mazetti, Katarina – Benny & Shrimp (2008)
Metalious, Grace – Peyton Place (1956)
Ogawa, Yoko – The Housekeeper and the Professor (2009)
Pearson, Allison – I think I love you (2010)
Proulx, Annie – The Shipping News (1993)
, Bethan – My Policeman (2012)
200px-TheSecretDiaryOfAdrianMoleSmailes, Caroline – Like bees to honey (2010)
Smith, Alexis M – Glaciers (2013)
Stewart, Mary – The crystal cave (1970)
Tearne, Roma – Brixton Beach (2009)
Townsend, Sue – The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole age 13 3/4 (1982), The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole (1984)
Vickers, Salley – The Cleaner of Chartres (2012)
Waters, Sarah – The night watch (2006)
Watson, Winifred – Miss Pettigrew lives for a day (1938)
Westbrook, Kate – The Moneypenny diaries: For her eyes only (2005)
Whipple, Dorothy – Greenbanks (1932)
Xinran – Sky burial (2004)
Ziervogel, Meike – Magda (2013)


16 thoughts on “Top Novels – part two

  1. Interestingly enough, I don’t coincide with your women’s list so much as your men’s! But you have sent me off to have a look at The Concert Ticket because I liked The Dream Life of Sukhanov a lot!

  2. I’ve been meaning to read The Dream Life of Sukhanov for ages – it’s in the TBR somewhere! must dig it out. The Concert Ticket was brilliant.

  3. How wonderful to see E. Annie Proulx on your list! (And no Margaret Atwood – yay!)

    Both of your lists have added several titles to my TBR wish list. Thanks, Annabel. 🙂

    • The Shipping News is another of my desert island books Debbie. I like the idea of Margaret Atwood more than reading her – I didn’t enjoy the Blind Assassin first time around, although I did like The Handmaid’s Tale – both pre-spreadsheet though!

  4. Some great novels on your list. I have read a good number of them, though there are also a lot I haven’t. So glad to see Dorothy Whipple and Winifred Whipple on your list, and Diary of a Provinicial Lady – is just a joy.

    I can see I am going to have to do one of these list thingy’s myself at some point.

  5. I want to read some more Beryl Bainbridge and Salley VIckers now! That’s the problem with other people’s lovely lists — so many temptations.

  6. This is a great list – many of my favourites here (Glaciers, Dorothy Whipple, The Night Watch, Tigers in Red Weather, Olga Grushin) and several that in consequence are moving up my to-read list, including Peyton Place and The Ice Queen. I love the variety in your list, too.

  7. I’ve read very few of these so I will transpose a lot of your list to my “Look For It and Buy It List! What I have read is the wonderful The Birthday Boys ( the Beryl Bainbridge Reading Week last year turned me into a Beryl-ite!). I’m also delighted to see the Snow Child – it was the best book I read last year!

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