Kittens update

Thanks for all your nice comments since the arrival of our kittens. They are certainly keeping us on our toes. At the moment they are mainly living in our kitchen and utility room, so it’s a bit of a (nice) ordeal to make a cup of tea.

They are delightful, although Ginny who was an only kitten tends to playbite/scratch harder than Harry, who is soppy little thing, so we’re working on it. They are eating well, mostly getting on with each other, and are prodigious in the poo department – not having had cats for six years, I’d forgotten about that!

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This afternoon, they’ve been to the vets for their first lot of jabs, plus flea/worming treatments and a pro-biotic for Harry to help his digestion. My wallet is feeling decidely lighter, to be repeated in three weeks time – but they’re worth it!

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We brought them into the lounge briefly this afternoon to enjoy the sunshine, and they were sweet, but Juliet had to follow them round moving things. They could however be distracted easily with a cat laser and a paper sack.

Next time we go to the vets, we need to decide whether to get them micro-chipped – probably yes, but £17 each.

Then we have the cat insurance question. Do we use Pet plan, Tescos, or any other provider or just wing it and cross our fingers?   Your advice on this matter will be appreciated.


11 thoughts on “Kittens update

  1. Insure would be my advice, if you can afford it. I don’t know what it costs these days but I do know what the vet’s bills have been like for my cat-loving friend. And please, for the ignorant among us (namely me) what is a cat laser?

    • On insurance I’ve just checked the prices and Tesco is way cheaper than pet plan for v.similar cover.

      The cat laser is just a cheap laser pointer. We saw it in the petstore and my daughter had to have it!

  2. My mum has dogs and the vets bills can be horrendous so I would think definitely insurance would be the way to go. They are cute kitties!

    • Thanks Jenny. Well, Harry was almost going to be Louis as a nod to one of the royal baby’s names, but then Juliet thought of Ginny for Ginny – as she does have some Weasley red patches – then it just had to be Harry for the boy!

  3. what ever you do, never wing it. cats are cats, and are similar to humans so can pick up the most common things – colds, flu etc plus other things I wont scare you with. You only need 2 trips on a year to the vet for the more horrible things and that’s the insurance paying for itself

    and please please consider spaying them. you’ll be doing everyone a favour if you do!

  4. Do get them microchipped. it’s the law here in France for all cats and dogs (not that everyone complies of course) and I know of two lost cats who have been returned to their owners thanks to microchips, one was found by a friend several miles away from its home.

  5. They are absolutely adorable! I can’t wait for the day I move out of rented accommodation and can finally get a cat. It must be so lovely to have them around.

  6. Definitely microchip – it is that bit of reassurance should one of them get lost when they are able to go out.
    None of our cats has ever been insured. One friend paid for insurance for her dogs for years without ever claiming on it but when one developed an age related condition which required regular medication, they refused to pay out.
    Only other advice is what the vet told me with our first cats over thirty years ago – keep them in at night because that is usually when they manage to get into trouble (especially if you have urban foxes!)
    other than that – enjoy them!

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