We haz kittehs

Things have taken a chaotic turn in our family. This afternoon we have become the proud owners of two rescue kittens, provisionally named Ginny and Harry – that was sorted out in the car on the way home from their foster-carer.

We got them from B.A.R.K.S. – Banbury Animal Rescue and Kindness Service.

P1010742 (800x600) Meet Ginny, she’s about 3 months old and was an only kitten and had to be rescued as she wasn’t allowed to be kept in the owner’s flat. She’s quite bossy being a couple of weeks older.

P1010741 - Copy (800x600)
And this is Harry. He is just cute and about 10 weeks old. Very affectionate, and already very inquisitive. He was found abandoned in a supermarket car-park.

We’ve only had them at home for an hour and it’s chaos in the kitchen/utility room as I clear everything out of the way that might cause harm or that they might attack!
Apologies to non-cat lovers but this will become a theme of posts to come.

Wish us luck!


13 thoughts on “We haz kittehs

  1. I am not a cat lover but my best friend is and she always has rescue cats. The current incumbent is relatively staid, although a terror with birds, but the previous lady of the manor was picked up running wild around the university campus and was practically feral. The first few years with Lucy were interesting to say the least. I particularly remember the occasion when she bit and clawed one of the world’s leading linguists who was seriously not amused. I wish you better luck.

  2. Ohhhh so adorable! I want to swap my old cat, particularly as he brought up a spectacular hairball on the stairs this afternoon. ;( Kittens are just so entertaining to have around.

    • Our previous cats lasted 14 and 20 years respectively, and it’s six years now since Maddie went – so it was time for my daughter to experience the joys of kittens!

  3. Congratulations, they are adorable – I’ll be looking forward to the future posts! I haven’t had a kitten around in a while myself, but I do remember the fun, and the race to keep ahead of them.

  4. They’ll keep you busy! My daughter keeps on finding abandoned kittens and bringing them home, I’ve had to put my foot down about having any more cats…

    • When I sat in the kitchen with my laptop, they were all over me. So laptop is now in the lounge, and all is strangely quiet in the kitchen!…

  5. Books and cats are a classic combination, in my humble opinion. Lovely!

    • They’ve yet to work at the same time with these two though. Ginny has great potential as a shoulder cat, while Harry likes laps at the moment – but they won’t stay still for more than a few seconds. They’ve not been let into the lounge, with the reading chair, yet either… 🙂

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