My first book jar read

A while ago, inspired by Alex in Leeds’s creation of a book jar – see her page here, I made my own.

I didn’t have a large kilner jar to hand, but did, chocoholic that I am, have an empty Quality Street one. Roughly 200 slips of paper went in with titles from my TBR, and the jar sat there by the sofa waiting, and waiting. The original plan was to use it when I couldn’t decide what to read, but my daughter pre-empted that – jumping the queue of books waiting in my bedside pile, and picking my next book for me from the jar.

Fingers crossed…


… and Yay, she picked one I’ve wanted to read for ages. We by Yevgeny Zamyatkin, the inspiration for Orwell’s 1984. I’m thirty pages in and loving it already.


14 thoughts on “My first book jar read

  1. What a cool idea! I was just flicking through my tbr list today wondering how on earth I was going to pick my next read….

    • I know that TBR feeling – but sometimes you just have to go by instinct – and luckily my daughter picked a perfect book to match my reading mood (I was going to start reading an epic fantasy and wasn’t quite looking forward to it).

  2. Clever daughter to pick you something to suit your mood. I tried the bell jar but kept cheating, putting slips back in until I found one I liked!

  3. Don’t use anything as sophisticated as this! Just pick one off the shelf. Just finished Harold Fry’s Pilgrimage and thought it was excellent.

  4. The trouble is that if I were to follow your and Alex’s example and do this I know that regardless of what the book was that I drew out of the jar I would immediately decide that it was the last book in the world that I wanted to read. I think it’s a hangover from having to read what I was told for work.

    • I don’t intend to be strict about it to precisely avoid that ‘having to read a book you really don’t want to’ feeling. Rather to use the title picked as a springboard towards finding something similar or close by on the shelves that am happy to read. I should call it my ‘book inspiration jar’. The real point of it is another way to tackle my TBR of course.

      Actually my daughter pulled out around half a dozen titles, discarding the others from the sound of them/their authors before she found one she was happy with. 🙂

  5. Great first pick from your jar, I’ve got We on my wishlist but not got to it yet. Hurrah for mixing up your TBR stack. 🙂

  6. Book jar….. Now there’s an idea I will nick! I have a bookworm son who is always looking out for the next read. A book jar for Christmas would make an excellent stocking filler for no expense!

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