Family Foodie Connections

We’re inordinately proud of the fact that there’s one published author in our family, so please forgive the plug for my sister-in-law, Becky Thorn, has just published her third cookery book!

no waste The No-Waste Meal Planneris subtitled How to Create your own delicious meal chains that don’t waste a single ingredient.

Becky’s food chains can take us from roast chicken to pizza margerita, via chicken risotto and arancini balls for instance.  However there are some wilder chains too – from poached salmon to chocolate cake in five links – work that one out!  Fun and imaginative cooking that uses leftovers and store-cupboard ingredients to make great food with no wastage.

Becky’s first book, School Dinners, is coming back into print in a new edition this summer too which is great news.  Butterscotch tart *drool*…

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To explore Becky’s books further on Amazon UK, please click below:
The No-Waste Meal Planner
Good Old Fashioned School Dinners: The Good, the Bad and the Spotted Dick (being republished on 1st August 2013).
Movie Dinners: Reel Recipes From Your Favourite Films


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  1. This sounds like such a great idea! My other half is fastidious about his meal planning, spending ages writing a shopping list so that everything gets used and nothing goes to waste. Me, however…I’m not so good at that. I’m really tempted to buy this.

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