In my reading, I’m still straddling the years – finishing two books started in 2012.  The historical epic The Game of Kings for my Doing Dunnett readalong, and Hardy’s Jude the Obscure for book group. Once I’ve finished those, I’ll enjoy reading something totally different (from my TBR of course).

So it’s nice that a meme has turned up to straddle the years too. This came via Simon T from Jane, originating at The Indextrious Reader.

The “rules” are simple: Take the first line of each month’s post over the past year and see what it tells you about your blogging year. Clicking on the month will take you to the original post.  Here goes:

January: I am deliberately not making any Reading Resolutions this year other than to tackle my TBR in all ways – through reading and culling. Participating in the TBR Double Dare as already discussed here should get me well on the way.

February: This January has been Australian Literature Month, hosted by Kim at Reading Matters, and the interweb has been alive with Aussie Lit.

March: My daughter had to make a poster with ten facts about Abingdon where we live for her Geography homework tonight.

April: It’s April 1st, spring has sprung, and I have been released!  Freed from my self-imposed constraints of only reading books that I physically owned before January 1st 2012.

May: This beautifully illustrated novella by Dominguez, an Argentinian author, is about people who are obsessed by books, and whose houses become libraries, (much like Gaskell Towers then, but I jest).

June: Later this month I’m hosting a Beryl Bainbridge Reading Week (June 18-24). Thanks to everyone who has said they plan to join in so far.

July: Before Beryl Bainbridge Reading week, I posted about how I’d essentially bought this book on the basis of its cover alone which is rather stunning, and how it would be the first book I read after Beryl.

August: When I was little, the books I enjoyed reading the most were fairy tales.

September: I’ve taken my time reading John Saturnall’s feast, the latest novel by Lawrence Norfolk.

October: Sally Nicholls is one of the best new writers of books for older children and teens.

November: I’ve been to the pictures twice this half-term – two very different films and two gooduns.

December: You can read my review of this book here, but I thought I’d share what our book group thought of it too this month.

I enjoyed that, and actually think the results are pretty representative of my blog this year.  Lots of obsessing about the TBR; the joys of reading Beryl Bainbridge and taking part in other reading themed events;  book group; good YA/Children’s books; fairy tales; a smidgeon of non-fiction; and something to prove I do go out occasionally!

I shall leave you today with a photo of my messy bedside bookcase, which may give some hints of what is to come soon at Annabel’s House of Books…Bookcases again 008a

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