A souvenir of the Cultural Olympics

Alongside the sporting Olympics this summer was a Cultural Olympiad – with all kinds of arty events all over the country which included Nowhereisland – which was an art installation of a small island – dragged down by tug from Svalbard to the South West of England arriving in Weymouth for the sailing competitions.

During its travel in international waters it took the opportunity to become a new nation, and opened up an roving embassy where visitors could sign up to become citizens!

As I wasn’t going to get to see it,  I signed up online for a bit of fun.

At the beginning of September Nowhereisland was dismantled, and distributed to those of its 23,000 or so  citizens who wanted to own some of the island – for  free, (well just the P&P).  Wny not I thought …

My chunk arrived today and I am delighted with my unique Olympic souvenir. I love the ‘Now here is land’. Just fab!


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