Four candles? No, fork’andles. ‘Andles for forks!

For anyone in the world who doesn’t know what I’m going on about, I suggest you pop over here and watch this sketch by the Two Ronnies, which is one of the funniest things ever, (and Wikipedia explains the whole thing further).

There’s a whole industry of tribute merchandise that has grown up around the Four Candles sketch. Loads of T-shirts … but also candles.

* * * * *

Why the four candles? Well Gaskella is four today!

Thank you to everyone who has ever visited, returned, subscribed, linked, commented on, or just passed through my blog. I do hope to see you all again.

Meanwhile help me celebrate with another GIVEAWAY!  I’ve saved up four of the books I’ve read and enjoyed this year but don’t have space to store, to give to you. They’re all in near new condition – just a little edge scuffing, no spine creases. It’s open world-wide, but outside Europe, mailing will be by surface. Pick which book you’d like to win, or go for a random draw. You have until tea-time on Friday 21st to enter.

Just tell me the best book you’ve read this year, that I’ve not read. You might want to check on my 2012 Reading List and Titles Index, both tabbed at the top of the page.  So, here are the books on offer, with links to my reviews…

  • Waiting for Robert Capa by Susanna Fortes (Review)
  • On the Cold Coasts by Vilborg Davidsdottir (Review)
  • The Girls of Slender Means by Muriel Spark (Review)
  • I Have Waited, and You Have Come by Martine McDonagh (Review)

Good luck!


25 thoughts on “Four candles? No, fork’andles. ‘Andles for forks!

  1. I read the title of this post on e-mail while walking the dog – it only showed the first five words in the preview box, but that was enough to make me laugh out loud! Congratulations on 4 years – your blog is one of my favourites (that’s a compliment and also a euphemism for “a blog I shamelessly copy!”)
    I’ve read a lot of great stuff this year but my favourite so far is Madeleine Miller’s Song Of Achilles – it’s a great story, and the love affair between Achilles and Patroclus is so well told it made this stereo-typical alpha-male heterosexual weep at the sheer beauty of it! (It was either this or HHhH – but I know you read and didn’t exactly like that book!)

    • Thanks Col. Love your blog too. I’ve had the Miller on my shelf for a while – I will read it, and will probably love it too … I have an odd habit of leaving the new books that everyone else loves for a while before I read them – unless I get to them first that is! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary. I’ve loved browsing your blog over the last few months, it’s so comprehensive! I wish I had the time to keep mine as up to date. I was really interested in your post about Schirach the other day as I am thinking of reading “Crime & Guilt” a selection of his shorter prose.
    PS I love this sketch too, delivered in such deadpan fashion, brilliant!!

    • Thank you. I remember Simon at Savidge Reads reviewed Schirach’s two volumes of short fiction and really enjoyed it – I think I’d like to read them too.

  3. Happy 4th birthday! I enjoyed On the Black Hill by Bruce Chatwin. It’s not one of his travel books and all the more surprising because I really only thought of him as a travel writer.

    • Thank you. That Chatwin is one I’ll look up. Some years ago I read Utz by him, about a collector of Meissen porcelain and loved it – I should definitely try something else.


    I have read two truly incredible books that made my favorites: BORN WICKED by Jessica Spotswood & GAME OF THRONES by George RR Martin.

    I could not choose, so random it is.

    • Thanks Mary. ‘Born wicked’ sounds great fun. Given that I’ve still 3 books to go in Stephen King’s Dark Tower sequence, and am planning on embarking on Dorothy Dunnett, I might give George RR Martin a pass – for now! However I know the series has a legion of fans so I would like to see what it’s all about some time. 🙂

  5. A very happy birthday! Thanks so much for your wonderful blog, and it’s been lovely to meet you in person because of it, too. I am overflowing with unread books, so I shall leave these ones to others (and hope that someone special gets the Spark!)

    • “These ones”, Simon? I’m in shock that an English PhD candidate could make such a hideous grammatical faux pas. It’s a phrase I often hear these days, and it seldom ceases to make my toes curl. [Insert smiley face to indicate one is attempting to be witty rather than nasty.]

      Happy blogging anniversary, Annabel.

      • David, I’m glad you don’t critique my grammar! I’m terrible at proof-reading my own posts and I often see howlers and typos when I look back. Funnily enough, I’m good at proof-reading other people’s writing though … 🙂

    • Thank you Simon. I love your wonderful blog too, and it’s always wonderful to meet you – we should do it more often.

  6. Congratulations and a very happy birthday. My favourite book this year (so far) has been the one set in Renaissance italy – In the Company of the Courtesan by Sarah Dunant

    • She’s another author I’ve yet to read, and I believe I have the book you mention on the shelves Mystica. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. Congratulations on your fourth blog anniversary! It feels like you’ve been around forever — and I mean that in a good way.

    No need to put me in the prize draw because I have far too many books as it is, but probably my favourite book of the year so far been Claire Kilroy’s The Devil You Know, which is a brilliant satire on the collapse of the celtic tiger.

    • Thanks Kim. I’ve seen a couple of reviews of the book you mention which make it definitely one to look out for.

  8. Happy Birthday! I have Simon, Muriel Spark and Beryl Bainbridge to thank for discovering your blog; I do enjoy reading it and I love the eclectic mix of books you read.

    The best book I read this year was Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s 100 Years of Solitude, which you may have read before, but I don’t see it in your titles list. I’d love to be entered in the draw please, and love the look of either On the Cold Coasts or I Have Waited and You Have Come.

    • Thanks Sophia, (and Simon). I haven’t read 100 yrs … but it is in the pile. Knowing you loved it will help it up the pile.

  9. Happy 4th birthday! My blog is 4 sometime in September too – I didn’t realise we started at exactly the same time. No need to put me in the giveaway, but my favourite book this year is HHhH by Laurent Binet.

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