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Abingdon Fire Station held a book sale yesterday – there were literally thousands of books there and masses of bargains to be had. Given that it was just a couple of minutes walk, I went twice! The money raised goes to the Firefighters Charity.

When I first moved to Abingdon, the Fire Station Book Sale was an annual event, but then it stopped.  Now it’s back, and speaking to one of the firemen, they hope to make it an annual event again.

Kids also got a chance to clamber on the fire engines, and play fireman with a hose.  Brave souls could also don a harness and go up in the Simon Snorkell and get an aerial view of the town.  Naturally, the books were the bigger draw for me …
…and didn’t I do well for £14?! (They should charge more next time).  There are 32 books above, and yes it includes five Jilly Coopers – for times when I need a guilty pleasure type of read.  There are also two Muriel Sparks, HE Bates (Darling Buds), Miss Read, some vintage SF, Penelope Lively, Flann O’Brien, Amin Malouf, one of Michael Dibdin’s non-Zen novels, Susan Hill, assorted other crime, thrillers and adventure novels, plus Charles Saatchi, and a lovely 1949 King Penguin at the front on the history of handwriting.


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  1. You did do well! That’s quite a mixture from the Jilly Coopers to a book about Tony. And I see you have The Teachings of Don Juan – I read this many years ago, absolutely fascinating

    • I too read all the Carlos Castenada books many years ago – but for 20p I couldn’t resist the chance to revisit the first one!

    • I’ve been meaning to read an O’Brien for years, and never got around to it, so am looking forward to this one Christine.

    • The Philippa Gregory one I’d not heard of before – It’s a non-fic book about Elizabeth Woodville, Margaret Beaufort and Jacquetta, Lady Rivers – the three subjects of her latest novels.

  2. What a dilemma balancing te desire to help a good cause with the fact that if I put any more books on the shelves on that top floor it’s quite likely that the fire brigade would have to come and rescue me after the house collapsed. I think I’d have to settle for dropping a contribution in the bucket and running away quickly in the opposite direction.

    • I did give seven full carriers to my daughter’s school fete, so two and a half back is not so bad … 😉

  3. Ooh! Jilly Cooper! I love her Rivals book, but I know what you mean about guilty pleasures. The others look really interesting, too. And for £14?!?! What a bargain!

    • I had never read Jilly Cooper until earlier this year when I read Riders and I enjoyed it so much … Usually I read the other stuff, but just sometimes you need a completely escapist easy read and she fits the bill perfectly. 🙂

  4. That is quite a collection and I rather envy you the Georgette Heyer – I can NEVER find her books in sales or charity shops!

  5. Oh, I wish I’d know about this! Probably good that I didn’t, since I spent that Saturday packing. A lovely haul – I really liked The Only Problem when I read it during Spark Reading Week.

    • I forgot it was happening until the day it was happening, else I’d have publicised it. I could have bought loads more – there was so much choice of good stuff. Til next year then…

  6. Simon – I read my first Jilly Cooper earlier this year (for our book group) and adored it. Riders was funny, dramatic, sexy with just the right amount of detail, and a real pageturner… I was hooked (and all the horsey info has helped watching the Olympics!) You might love her too – I saw that programme and found it fascinating.

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