A Polka-Dot Giveaway

It’s Sunday tea-time in the UK, and we’re coming to the end of Beryl Bainbridge Reading Week.  Thank you to everyone who’s taken part by reading, posting, reviewing, commenting and just popping by.

I’ve found all the books of hers that I’ve read to be brilliantly written, wickedly subversive and often very funny, each one different yet reassuringly the same – in that she has a consistent style of writing, which once it gels with you won’t let you go.  I’ve also found I’ve become rather fond of her – she’s Beryl to me now, not Bainbridge any more.

I realise that some of you may still be reading with a write-up to follow.  Keep them coming and I will do a review round-up with all the links in one place later in the week.  

I will also be pasting all the links in my new tab at the top of the page – Reading Beryl, so there’ll be an easy to retrieve record of the week and I intend to keep reading the rest of her books as an on-going project.  If you have been inspired to read more, do comment on the page and leave your link.

And for anyone who hasn’t read enough about Beryl, here’s a link to her interview in the Paris Review from 2000.

* * *  However I’d like to end the week with a giveaway! * * *

Beryl’s last novel The Girl in the Polka-Dot Dress will finally be published in paperback at the beginning of July.  I’m offering three copies of the book (and will send them to anywhere that the Book Depository sends to).  I’ll make the draw next Friday.

Just leave a comment – and tell me your favourite Bainbridge novel, moment from this week, or anything else Beryl-related.

Good luck!


21 thoughts on “A Polka-Dot Giveaway

  1. I’ve never read anything by Beryl Bainbridge but, after hearing about her all week, I’m eager to do so.

    I was particularly intrigued by the book of her theatre columns. I didn’t recognize the actors or the theatres but I still enjoyed the excerpts you posted.

    Thanks for the chance to win The Girl in the Polka Dot Dress!

  2. My favourite of those I read has to be the Bottle Factory Outing. It’s an excruciatingly uncomfortable read in places but brilliant! Alas I have nothing else Beryl related to add as I am commenting between bands, knee deep in mud, at the Isle Of Wight festival – although this is such a mix of of squalid and exciting that i think Beryl would love it!!!!!!! Thanks for hosting – lobed reading the reviews – some so good they’ve been sustenance for the darker moments of the festival!!!!!!

  3. My favorite is possibly The Bottle Factory Outing because it was my first, but Master Georgie and this weeks Harriet Said are also superlative.
    I’ve enjoyed getting a broad spectrum of views on Beryls work. The week has convinced me that I’ll be reading all that she wrote over the next few years.
    I also enjoyed the Paris Review interview with Beryl which I used in my post on Harriet Said.

    • You seem to have managed to enjoy both sides of her novels – the dramas and the historical ones. The Paris Review interview was very elucidating – it seems like almost all of A Quiet Life was autobiographical – something I hadn’t quite realised when I read it. Thanks for your support of the week.

  4. Oo, I’d love to be in the draw. I think my favourite moment this week was finding out that Beryl loved Bat Out of Hell….!

  5. I have read five of her books and have two on my tbr shelf and yet now feel there is so much more to be discovered. I have enjoyed the reviews written this week and am setting aside time to listen to the Desert Island Discs she recorded.Thank you to all who added to my enjoyment of this fascinating writer.

  6. I have not read anything by Beryl Bainbridge yet, but I am interested in doing so. Fabulous thank you!!

  7. My favourite part of your series of posts was that you’ve convinced me I need to read one of her books right now. I was searching frantically through the entire state library catalogue to look for the library with the best range to choose from! It’s about 20km away, but I think it will be worth it to get my hands on one right now! Thanks for introducing me to Beryl’s books. I’d also like to try my luck at the giveaway 🙂

  8. I’ve not read her yet but have been following your series of posts along with several other bloggers. I’d like to be counted in for this giveaway though I haven’t read any of her books.

  9. Thanks to you I am totally in love with Beryl. I’ve read 5 and have nearly finished a 6th and want to read absolutely all the others. Wonderful that you had such a good idea. I’ve read the polka dot one too, so won’t enter the draw.

    • Harriet – thank you so much for your support. I spotted your EMFH and AtoQ reviews yesterday – and I’ve enjoyed them all so much. We should get together next time you’re back in Oxford and talk Beryl perhaps…

  10. Thank you for organising the week – she’s one of those authors I’ve always meant to read, but never got round to, and I shall certainly be exploring more of her work. I liked Queeney, and loved An Awfully Big Adventure ( I think I posted the link, but if no, here it is http://goo.gl/BJJ1I). Also read Master Georgie, so may do a post on that, if it’s still OK, but I’m struggling with Polka Dot – don’t like this one at all, so please don’t enter me in the draw!

  11. I haven’t listened to her Desert Island Discs prog yet, but the highlight of my Beryl week was finding her interview with Anthony Clare and reading all the posts about her. Thanks for such an enjoyable and informative reading week.

  12. I can’t remember any others of her books that I’ve read (though I know there’s at least one) but I loved An Awfully Big Adventure and already look forward to rereading it. Next I’m going to raid the library shelves, there must be some there.

  13. My favourite BB from the week was definitely The Bottle Factory Outing, though I also enjoyed Every Man for Himself. I love Bainbridge’s humour and the way she made the characters of Freda and Brenda feel real.

    Thanks so much for hosting both this giveaway and a very enjoyable week.

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