Cover Love …

The Flame Alphabetby Ben Marcus

I couldn’t resist the cover of this new novel – it’s gorgeous – and the book sounds exciting too!

The speech of children has mutated into a virus that kills their parents – a contemporary philosophical and dystopian thriller.

It certainly grabbed me, and I plan to read it after Beryl Bainbridge Reading Week is over.


8 thoughts on “Cover Love …

  1. Hi Annabel – would be *very* interested what you think about this book. I had a proof copy, didn’t intend to read it, dipped in and then was hooked. But…but…lots to talk about once you’ve finished it though!

    • Goody – can’t wait! Nothing I like more than a slightly SF dystopia. (BTW I did buy it from Mostly Books – in case you were wondering who had the copy sitting there yesterday!)

  2. That cover reminds me of the bargello stitching that my landlady taught me when I was living in lodgings while at journalism college – I have a cushion cover somewhere that is very similar!
    An interesting storyline – good job it is fiction or my son and daughter in law would be doomed as their three never stop chattering!

  3. I picked it up for the cover, then turned to the blurb and was hooked! Hope it lives up to its promise.

  4. I’d buy the book because of the cover; it’s such a great design. I think some publishers underestimate the power of a cover to help sell a book. Sounds like a thought-provoking narrative. I hope you enjoy it.

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