Released! New books here I come….

It’s April 1st, spring has sprung, and I have been released!  Freed from my self-imposed constraints of only reading books that I physically owned before January 1st 2012.

With the exception of one book group read (Stasiland), which I declared before it started, I’ve kept to the TBR Double Dare (hosted by CB James).

I should be pleased with myself, but in reality eight out of the 23 books I’ve read in these three months, arrived during December 2011, and were advance copies of books published in 2012, which is pushing it a bit –  but technically they did qualify to be included.

The real problem is my ’embargo’ pile.  When I last reported on my progress back in early Feb, it stood at 16 books which had arrived during January.  Now it’s several times larger (I daren’t publish a photo).  So what’ll happen next is that I’ll read just the new acquisitions for the next few months, and not touch my existing TBR mountain range at all.  The lure of the shiny new book…

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! She chortled in her joy.  (with apologies to Lewis Carroll).


4 thoughts on “Released! New books here I come….

    • Sorry Dark Puss – I mean books I didn’t own before 1.1.12. – many of which happen to be newly published, but not exclusively. Thus I have three months worth of acquisitions sitting waiting for me. I definitely will enjoy! 😀

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