Reading Plans for 2012

I am deliberately not making any Reading Resolutions this year other than to tackle my TBR in all ways – through reading and culling. Participating in the TBR Double Dare as already discussed here should get me well on the way.

in 2011, I had aimed to join in with DGR’s ‘Team Troika’ readalong of War & Peace, but never got started. Also, despite good intentions, I got derailed halfway through the Dark Tower readalong hosted at Shelf Love (a series I definitely will finish though … sometime).

So not a good record – yet I find myself itching to follow and readlong closely with all these irrestistible things:

  • January is Australian Literature Month over at Reading Matters. I’m planning to read Oscar and Lucindaby Peter Carey, but to do it readalong style with Lizzy if we can manage it.
  • This year’s DGR classic readalong is Middlemarch
    by George Eliot. Again, if I can just get started ….
  • Later in January, from the 23rd, Stu at Winston’s Dad is hosting a Henry Green Week. An author I’d never heard of, but upon researching, one I’d be keen to read. I’ve acquired Loving, Living, Party Going, which has three of his short novels together in one volume, so I’ll have plenty of choice.
  • Although I don’t intend to formally follow Simon’s plans at Stuck in a Book to read one book from each year of the 20th century, it is a fascinating premise, and I plan to chart my progress out of pure listy-lovingness.  I am trying to read more books from the years before I was born, so following Simon’s progress in this challenge should help with that aim.
  • Then there’s my monthly face to face Book Group which has its own tab at the top of the page. Our January read will be Ridersby Jilly Cooper – I’ve never read one of her books, so I’m looking forward to this.

Phew!  That’s enough for starters.  Let’s see how I get on.  What about you?


12 thoughts on “Reading Plans for 2012

  1. I’ve become a fan of loose resolutions and low commitment, so this year my only formal resolution is cutting back on the number of new books I read. I did join in the TBR Dare and hope to make it to April, but we’ll see. Jenny and I are devoting ourselves to international crime in January, and I’ve read one book for that already. As for other readalongs during the year, I’ll join in if my mood and the timing coalesce.

    • I like loose resolutions and low commitment too Teresa. It being the start of the year though, I hope I’ll make a couple of these single book goals…

    • I suspect it’s a book that many joining in Kim’s Australian Lit week will choose – it’ll be interesting to see everyone’s views.

  2. I don’t plan more than a couple of weeks ahead but do have a few down for future reading. I’ll read an Australian book and put the badge on the review I expect. O&L is a wonderful read from a highly inventive author who always hits the spot.

    • Tom – I’ve not read Peter Carey so am really looking forward to O&L – glad you enjoyed it.

  3. I’m going to have to do something about my TBR collection as it has reached ridiculous proportions – almost all my shelves are double stacked (they all would be if some of them weren’t too narrow)and that doesn’t count the boxes in the loft – so one reading resolution is to make in-roads on that.
    Other than that I have started Middlemarch for DGR’s readalong and will hopefully do better than I did with W&P where I fell off the troika after the third section and I will join in with Danielle at A Work In Progress when she starts to read The Three Musketeers a bit later in the year.
    I think I will have to leave it at that to give myself even the smallest chance of achieving any of them but I will be interested to know how you get on with ‘Riders’ – I read it when it first came out as I was curious as to whether I would recognise any of the characters, having had a small involvement in the pony classes when I was a teenager, but I actually preferred her earlier books.

    • Good luck with your TBR too Liz. Re Riders, my closest involvement with horses was reading all the Dick Francis books as a teenager! It’ll be fun, I’m sure.

  4. No resolutions or plans for me this year as I failed miserably last year! Having said that, I do want to end the year with my various TBR piles and lists shorter and smaller than they are today and I would like to read more translations.

  5. Also have some plans, involving paying homage to Dickens, reading more in different languages (1 Spanish, 2 French & 5 Portuguese) and reading War & Peace (61 hours of audiobook, 5 hours per month until December, no hurries).

    I’d like to do more readlongs, so I’m on the look-out for interesting ones, especially if they coincide with what’s already on the TBR.

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