BBAW: Blogger Interview Swap

One of the highlights of Book Blogger Appreciation Week is the Blogger Interview Swap.  I signed up this year, and was paired up with another blogger to ask some questions to.  All the interviews are posted today, and you can see mine over at my interview partner’s blog.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to MJ who blogs at Wandering in the Stacks. MJ is a recent law school graduate “who still, somehow, loves to read.” MJ has only been blogging since July, and now blogs most days. Looking at her reading list, it’s full of interesting books and authors – from George Eliot to Tolstoy, Carson McCullers to Truman Capote.  Here is what I asked her …

As a new blogger, what has excited you most about blogging since you started?

Oh, so many things! The community in general had to be my favorite, though. I love that there are so many people who love to read, and love to share their thoughts. I also love finding bloggers whose tastes are similar to mine – they become a great resource for books and authors I haven’t discovered.

How big is your TBR (to be read) pile and do you have strategies for managing it? If so, I could do with some help!

Ha! I don’t think I would be much help managing a TBR pile. My actual physical pile isn’t that bad. I typically have out a couple library books, and there are several recently bought books on it. Of course, I also have a backlog of books that I acquired somehow, at some point, and I haven’t read, but I don’t count those as official TBR. They’re more like books I’ll probably get to someday. My TBR list on the other hand, is much too long. I finally started a list on GoodReads, but there are countless more books floating around my head that haven’t been written down yet.

Are you a fast or slow reader – how many books do you read in an average month? Is this a reflection on the time you have available to read?

I am a fast reader. This year is the first time I’ve kept track of how many books I’m reading. In January I only read four, but I really struggled with two of those, so that slowed me down significantly. I very rarely abandon a book, so I was slogging along. Last month, August, I read 14. The number depends both on how much time I have, and if I have any books on hand that I’m excited about reading.

Which literary character would you most like to be, and why?

Oh, good question. I think I’d like to be like Leah from The Poisonwood Bible. I admire her ability to flout what society thinks and follow her heart. Plus, she manages to get through several trying situations a stronger person. She knows how to manage her resources to survive.

Where do you write your blog? Describe your blogging environment.

I write on my laptop, at the kitchen table. There’s a window to my left, and I can see some trees, my fire escape, and the Verrazano Bridge. I’m usually surrounded by books – ones I’m reviewing, ones I’m going to read next. Right now that pile is a little higher than I’d like! I’m moving soon, though, the so view outside my window will change, but much of the rest will stay the same.

Thank you MJ. It was a pleasure to ask the questions, and I enjoyed your answers. I shall look forward to seeing your blog develop, and hope you continue to love it. Happy reading and keep on blogging!


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