Book Blogger Appreciation Week – ‘Community’

Welcome to Book Blogger Appreciation Week! All through the week, there are daily topics for posts on participants’ blogs. I probably won’t have time to join in all of them, but will at least today and tomorrow.

The first topic is ‘Community’ – in particular to celebrate the blogs and bloggers that got us blogging in the first place …

Gaskella’s First Ever Commenter …

When I started my blog back in September 2008, I had been lurking around lit blog land for a while, and plucked up the courage to start making a few comments before launching my own blog.   When I got around to it, my very first commenter was a blogger who was one of the first I discovered, and still read every post on today. It took just five days of blogging to get that comment – and it was on a Guilty Secrets post in which I confessed to never having read Thomas Hardy.

That commenter was Teresa, and her blog is the wonderful Shelf Love which she co-writes with the equally lovely Jenny. Between them, they read and discuss such a wide range of books of all types and genres, and Teresa’s Sunday Salon discussion posts are an absolute must – she always makes me really think with these. Recent subjects have included the use of coincidence in novels, depth versus breadth in reading genres, and who can tell a story? You can rely on Teresa for intelligent reviews and lively discussions. I love that we read many of the same titles and types of books. Living on opposite sides of the pond, we’ve never met, but I feel that we would definitely be friends.  Thank you Teresa – and good luck in the BBAW Awards (Shelf Love is shortlisted in 2 categories).

A blog that always cheers me up & tugs at my heartstrings …

Another blog that I never fail to read is the wonderfulThe Age of Uncertainty written by Steerforth, who is currently setting up business as a book dealer. Steerforth primarily writes about bookish and ephemeral things – Victorian book illustrations, old photos that fall out of books, silly, interesting, and non-PC book covers and titles. Interspersed with these posts are Steerforth’s more meditative ones in which he looks at the world in which he lives and comments with a dry sense of humour. Even more eloquent are his occasional heartfelt posts about his own life and family.  His blog never fails to either cheer me up or tug at my heartstrings – do visit.


14 thoughts on “Book Blogger Appreciation Week – ‘Community’

  1. It is the communal aspect of blogging I love so much. To give and receive comments to like minded friends all over the world is a truly amazing thing. When I was in Australia earlier this year I met up with one of my regular Random readers and we had a great time, did not stop yakking for over four hours. I also met up with other bloggers on a trip to Chicago a few years ago. I may be going to NY next year, finances permitting, and I know that if I do I have friends there to meet as well.


  2. Elaine – it is lovely when you finally get to meet your blogging friends. I was really looking forward to meeting you a few months ago, when the garden party was cancelled. We really must try and organise something again…

  3. I wass cross too as so many people I wanted to meet were going to be there but I was felled with some tummy bug and felt pretty rough. I hope very much to get up to Oxford but not sure when. I tend not to drive very far in the winter as I am a bit of a wuss driving in bad weathr and the dark though I am getting better.

    Perhaps we could organise a get together of bloggers in London some time? I missed the last such occasion as I was away but it would be lovely to do and at least we would meet in the middle!

    • Oh yes – it would be lovely to organise something in London again. I might put some feelers out, as I have no ideas for where to meet…

  4. Thank you so much. I don’t think I realized that I was your first commenter, but a Thomas Hardy post will draw me in just about every time! And if I make it across the pond next year, we’ll have to figure out a way to meet. I feel sure we’d be friends too!

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