We interrupt this blog …

Internet is up the creek, so I’m in survival mode with just my phone – I’m notoriously fumble fingered on my phone, so don’t expect any FB posts or tweets. Fingers crossed that they sort it out very soon. As they say, normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. Meanwhile I’ll get some more reading done!See you soon I hope.


5 thoughts on “We interrupt this blog …

  1. This is really spooky Annabel – I have just read your post on dovegreyreader’s blog about starting reading Valley of the Dolls.
    Guess what book I put in my work bag last night for reading over my lunch today?!!
    Admittedly it’s only a paperback version with a bit of a questionable cover actually but still …

    Hope your internet problems are soon sorted!

  2. Thanks all. I’m now working off a dongle with limited usage until my provider gets its act together – it’ll probably mean me getting a new router… meanwhile I’m writing offline and will be posting later!

    Liz – I’m loving this book (in the same way that I adored Peyton Place last year) – look forward to sharing comments with you later next week I hope.

  3. Just thought I’d pop over & say hi & leave a little present.


    The moon did not become the sun
    it just fell on the desert
    in great sheets, reams
    of silver handmade by you.
    The night is your cottage industry now,
    the day is your brisk emporium.
    The world is full of paper.

    Write to me.

    Agha Shahid Ali.

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