Three of a kind – ‘Deborah’

I’m continuing to explore my TBR, although in my actual reading I’m getting rather sidetracked with more recent additions. I’m featuring three novels by authors named Deborah today. Help me choose which to read first – they all sound brilliant. Here are the trio …

  • These Foolish Things by Deborah Moggach.  This is a funny yet moving comedy of manners about old age.  A London doctor is being driven mad by his father-in-law. When his entrepreneurial cousin sets up a British style retirement home in Bangalore, he thinks he has his answer.  How will different cultures cope in their old age in this situation?  The only other title by Moggach that I’ve read was Tulip Fever, which I enjoyed. This sounds very different to that.
  • A Discovery of Witchesby Deborah Harkness. This chunky ARC has looked across at me from my bedside bookcase since around Christmas. On paper, it ticks all my boxes – a thiller featuring witches, vampires, demons, lots of science, old manuscripts, bound together in an Oxford setting. Tell me it’s not Twilight meets the Da Vinci Code and I’ll be more convinced to read it very soon …
  • The Lantern by Deborah Lawrenson.  When I started my blog, this Deborah’s previous novel Songs of Blue and Gold was one of the first books I was offered as a blogger (Thank you!). I’m pleased to say really enjoyed it (my review is here). The Lantern has been very successful being featured on Channel 4’s TV Book Club. It’s a modern Gothic story, echoing Du Maurier’s Rebecca, and set amongst the lavender scented fields of Provence. Deborah blogs here by the way.
Have you read any of these?
What did you think?
Which would you read first?
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To explore further on Amazon UK, click below:
These Foolish Things, Tulip Fever by Deborah Moggach.
A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness
The Lantern, Songs of Blue and Gold by Deborah Lawrenson.

13 thoughts on “Three of a kind – ‘Deborah’

  1. Oh read The Lantern, it has everything you want in a great, well written, escapist read! I loved the review of it by Cornflower and she was absolutely right!

    I quite enjoyed A Discovery of Witches although it is a big book and there were times when I wished someone would give the heroine a smack for being irritatingly wet! The last third is probably the best bit and has an amazing house, so I will probably read the next book in the series to find out what happens next. I will be interested to see what your take on it is.

    I do like Deborah Moggach as a writer although I haven’t read any of her books for a while. Tulip Fever is quite unlike most of her other books so it sounds like she is back to her normal territory with These Foolish Things. A interesting concept anyway!

    • Everything you’ve said Liz confirms that I should read the Lantern before summer’s out! Have you tried any of Deb L’s other books? If not I’d recommend them.

  2. I have The Art of Falling on my shelves, unread of course, but only until I can get a step ladder into my office to get it off the top shelf it resides on! I would have got it sooner but office chair swivels and I don’t dare to stand on it!

    • Imagine the scene – you sprawled on the floor, chair tipped over – ‘Well I was reaching for the art of falling.’ Sorry – with that book title, I couldn’t resist a joke. I hear it’s a great read though…

  3. I did enjoy A Discovery of Witches but agree with LizF that the heroine needed a smack just so that she wouldn’t keep forgetting she was a strong and intelligent woman when she was around her vampire. However, all the history of science stuff was really fascinating. I’m curious to see what The Lantern will be like, it sounds pretty good.

    • I’m sure I will enjoy it Sakura – It’s just I’m reading a few chunksters at the moment with the Stephen King Dark Tower series and they take so much time to get through! I sometimes feel I could have read three different books in the same time.

  4. Oh, you must read A Discovery of Witches! I could see how the blurb might make you think that it is a Twilight/Da Vinci Code amalgam, but it is so much smarter than either of those things and way more entertaining. I read it earlier this year and I whole-heartedly LOVED it!

    Also, I had the opportunity to do an interview with Deborah Harkness for BookPage and she was a real delight to talk to, so I am now an even bigger fan!

  5. Excellent. Thanks Steph. I will now be less intimidated by the size of this book, and get around to reading it sooner – probably for my annual vampirefest in October.

  6. I have been steadily reading through Deborah Moggach’s back list, and can truly say that there really isn’t a bad one there. They are all very different from each other, so I think if you didn’t like one, you might love another (and vice versa)… She’s also a nice person who answers fan mail (if you decided to send a gushing fan-like email to her like I did)…

    Plus – I think These Foolish Things is being made into a film… 🙂

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