Three of a kind – ‘Salvage’

It struck me the other day, when I got a copy of Robert Edric’s new paperback Salvage, that I had another book with the same title on the shelf.  Furthermore, that salvage is not a word that you’d expect to crop up often in a book title – which led me to a third title ‘salvaged’ from my TBR mountains …

  1. Robert Edric’s Salvage is set in the near future and Britain is suffering the effects of climate change. A civil servant is sent up North to investigate a site for a new town, but is quick to realise that he’s not welcome.  This reminded me of Edric’s fine novel Gathering the Water, which I read pre-blog, in which a Victorian engineer is overseeing the preparations for flooding a valley in Yorkshire.  Salvage hasn’t received the glowing reviews that Gathering the Water did though, however I do love Edric’s writing so am still looking forward to reading it.
  2. Gee Williams Salvage is a debut novel from 2007.  The blurb suggests that it is about salvaging relationships rather than a way of life.  Set on the Welsh coast, five characters are bound together by marriage, friendship and lust, and have to sort themselves out. It starts when one finds a ring on the beach – with a finger still attached.  The added air of mystery makes it sound interesting …
  3. Finally Paradise Salvage is the name of a junkyard in the novel by John Fusco, published in 2001. It’s a thriller in which twelve year old Nunzio discover’s a body in the trunk of a car destined for the crusher.  He persuades some of his big, brash Italian-American family to help him investigate.  Another debut – a coming of age story Sopranos style…

Have you read any of the books in this trio?
Which would you read first?

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To explore further on Amazon UK, click below:
Salvage by Robert Edric
Salvage by Gee Williams
Paradise Salvage by John Fusco
Gathering The Water by Robert Edric


7 thoughts on “Three of a kind – ‘Salvage’

  1. I read Edric’s Salvage last year, and thought it was OK but fell shot of what I’d hoped for. I wrote more about it here.

    I think the Williams sounds most interesting of these three; must look it up…

    • David, I remember reading your review but thinking I’d still like to read the book – and I will.

  2. I have Paradise Salvage although I haven’t read it yet – the storyline appealed at the time I bought it (a long time ago!) so I might retrieve it off the shelf and give it a try.

    I did read Gathering the Waters, again quite a while ago,prompted I think by a drought leaving a reservoir near us almost empty so you could see the remains of the village that had been flooded back in the early 1900’s.
    I thought the writing was good but I’m afraid that it didn’t grip me enough so I ended up skim reading it to find out what happened – and came to the conclusion that it was not a lot which was a bit disappointing.

    • Ditto re Paradise Salvage – I got mine once I’d started watching the Sopranos!

      Shame you didn’t like Gathering the Waters, but how spooky seeing the unflooded village.

  3. I’d have to go for the Erdic, as I was very taken by Gathering The Water and I know nothing of the other two. But the Williams does look interesting …

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