Sunday fun – Author surname stats!

On a showery Sunday afternoon when you find you have a few minutes, what better thing to do than plot a graph of author surnames that occur on one’s blog. Very silly I know, but once I saw all my author categories and it appeared that I read more of authors with surnames beginning with some letters than others, I couldn’t resist it!

The blue is the number of distinct authors meriting their own category, the red is the total number of posts featuring authors with that surname letter.

The results: – 6 letters stand out way in front of any others – B, C, H, M, S, T, with the Ms just winning.

The significance: – Don’t ask me!  I don’t think I consciously favour authors beginning with a particular letter, as those 6 are distributed evenly throughout the alphabet. M includes Mc and Mac, so is quite likely to show up well in anyone’s list I’d wager, but the others – I’m not an expert on surname stats, but it was fun to do!

Do you favour authors whose surnames start with a particular letter?
Or are these stats a total piece of nonsense and just a time-waster?
Proper book review coming tomorrow – promise!


One thought on “Sunday fun – Author surname stats!

  1. M, B, and S are tops in my index of reviews. They’re all 3 about even. I’m curious about others since mine seem to match with some of yours!

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