My TBR Poll #1 – the results…

Thank you to all those who voted and/or commented in my TBR poll last week.

I learned that if I wanted to get larger numbers of votes I should have listed more books so that more people may have heard of them. More books listed would also have meant more books to go in the end.  I may repeat this some time in the future when I’ve amassed another larger pile of TBR books I’m not sure about keeping.

Meanwhile, three books received nul points – so out they go without further ado. (by ‘out’ I mean, try to sell on Amazon for more than 1p, car boot, then give to charity shop).  The three were:  The final confession of Mabel Stark, The funnies, and But Beautiful.

Four books received multiple votes, so they stay – The Winter Rose, The luminous life of Lily Aphrodite, and Hopeful Monsters, as did 26a. This last book divided opinion, which makes it more of a must read to see which camp I fall into!

The rest got just one vote. I’m going to keep Eleven as Flossie T spoke up for it so well. The others will join the discards including Pies and Prejudice which I did dither over for a few seconds before deciding that I’d give the north a miss at the moment.

So that’s over six inches of shelf space freed up for a few minutes, but also a tiny patch of floorspace reclaimed once the shelf is refilled. Thanks again.  Back to book reviews soon…


4 thoughts on “My TBR Poll #1 – the results…

  1. OK Kim – you’ve persuaded me by your fantastic review. Back it goes into the TBR.

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