Annabel’s TBR Poll #1

So here it is, my first TBR poll. I hope that some of you will be familiar with some of the titles and/or authors listed, or have heard enough about some of these books to have an opinion on them even if you haven’t read them.

Vote for as many books as you like, as long as you think I ought to keep them to read – do expand on your reasons in the comments if you’d like.

Those receiving the lowest votes will be taken out of the TBR list in a week’s time.

Thank you for your help.


25 thoughts on “Annabel’s TBR Poll #1

  1. Haven’t read any of these, but I do remember enjoying Donnelly’s A Gathering Light a few years ago..

    • Ah – I have A Gathering Light still in the pile, along with her latest YA one Revolution. I wonder if anyone will vote to keep it in … Thanks for the reminder about her debut.

  2. Oh, I love this sort of thing. Sadly the only one I’ve actually read and liked here is Mark Watson’s Eleven – starts off superficially light and fluffy, a bit One-Day-like, but winds you in stealthily. Really lovely, though with a bit of a shock twist at the end.

    I read J Robert Lennon’s The Funnies years ago, and remember liking it, but I’ve retained no detailed memories of it whatsoever, so don’t really feel I can recommend it.

    I want to read Pies & Prejudice and The Great Fire so I hope some people will weigh in in their favour so I can find out whether I should keep them on my own list…

    • So Flossie T – Will you vote for Eleven then?

      I think I have 2 other Shirley Hazzard, and they have a dauntingness about them.

      • I *think* I have…. there’s a vote showing for it, anyway, and I reckon I clicked all the right things! I’d definitely vote for it, it was a lovely book, despite being at first glance a “lighter read”.

        • Thank you. I was worried that it might be slightly laddish given that he’s a comedian – obviously not.

  3. I haven’t read any of them but I’ve got Hopeful Monsters on my TBR and am just happy someone else has too:) Is that a good enough reason??

  4. As I have only read one of the selection but possess four of the others equally unread on my own shelves, I don’t think I am going to be much help either.
    I did read 26a quite a while ago and seem to remember quite enjoying it – at any rate I finished it – because it was a bit out of the ordinary, but I can’t remember enough about it to be able to give you a definitive keep or cull!

  5. Ooh – I now have 4 votes in total – it’s working! (Although of course I want some zeros or low numbers at the end of the process) 🙂

  6. I haven’t read any of these so can’t vote for any of them. Funnily enough someone gave me a copy of Pies and Prejudice that they had read a while ago, and it is still sitting unread on my shelves.

    • I’ve managed to acquire his Adventures on the high teas too somehow. Can someone tell me if they’re worth reading?

      • I do some back up work for the Morley Literary Festival and I know that he went down very well when he appeared there promoting Adventures on the High Teas.
        Is that any help?

      • I enjoyed Lily too – so I vote for you to keep it.

        Read 26a pre-blog and can only remember that I did not enjoy it.

        And I recommend you read Jennifer Donnelly’s A Gathering Light pronto. It’s brilliant!

  7. I think I should have listed say 20 or 25 books. If I do this again next month, I’ll definitely include more titles – then I might get rid of more, and more people may have encountered some of them. Thanks to everyone so far for their interest in my experiment.

  8. Well, the only one I know about is 26a and I thought I’d love it, being about twins and all, but… I gave up on it after about 30pp.

  9. I was thinking, this is all that’s on your TBR, that’s nothing, I’d be nervous if that was all I had that I hadn’t read. I believe I own 8 of the same books and am yet to get round to reading any of them – I might have read the Mosley many years ago. I’ve read and liked The Wonder by Diana Evans and Roopa Farooki’s third novel which was lovely, so I’d argue you should keep those 3

    • Hi Elkiedee, I don’t think you’ve seen the post before this poll where I fessed up to having a TBR pile of 2000+ books. This poll is an experiment to see if my blog visitors can help me decide some books to cull. Then I plan to do a longer list next month.

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