Oh, to be young and in NYC…

The Good Fairies of New York by Martin Millar

Dinnie, an overweight enemy of humanity, was the worst violinist in New York, but was practicing gamely when two cute little fairies stumbled through his fourth floor window and vomited on the carpet.

The opening line from this novel is a cracker. Heather and Morag are the two young fairies in question, with dyed hair and punk kilts. They are friends, but from different Scottish clans and each claim to be the best fiddler in all Scotland. Being wild young things, they’ve ended up in New York after getting into a scrape with the MacLeods.   Heather and Morag are just like many young humans, they like to drink, dance, have fun, eat magic mushrooms – it’s just they’re only eighteen inches high, have wings, and can’t be seen by most humans.

They soon fall out, and Morag goes to live with Kerry over the road. Kerry suffers from Crohn’s disease, is compiling a Celtic flower alphabet, and loves Johnny Thunders guitar solos.  Meanwhile Heather decides that Kerry is the girl for Dinnie, and in exchange for teaching him to play the violin properly, she will get Kerry to fall for the fat slob.  Bound up in this central will they, won’t they romance being engineered for Dinnie and Kerry, there is the quest for Kerry’s missing flower, the ghost of Johnny Thunders looking for his old guitar, and unrest amongst the fairies back in Cornwall, not to mention the legendary McPherson violin.  Heather and Morag also manage to upset all the other fairy tribes in the city at some stage with their high-spirited feud.

This novel is great fun, and it’s choc-a-block full of energy.  The young fairies, in their youthful acts of rebellion, bring chaos and anarchy to the Big Apple in a fast moving, raunchy and comic romp. The Neil Gaiman endorsement caught my eye, and while it’s fair to say I didn’t love it as much as he does, it was a jolly good read.  (8/10)  NB: Strong language etc.

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The Good Fairies of New York by Martin Millar


6 thoughts on “Oh, to be young and in NYC…

    • You’re up early Margaret! Strong language, but good fun in a sort of Brookmyre does fairies type way.

  1. Have you read any others of his? It sounds as though it’s the first of his that you have tried. I have read most of them. Lux the Poet is my favourite – do have a look for it.

    • You’re right Helen – my first Millar read. I would happily read more of his books though, so I’ll check our Lux the Poet definitely. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. This was my first Millar read, and not my favorite one. Lonely Werewolf Girl is completely charming, and that was the book where Millar won me over. I’ve enjoyed The Good Fairies of New York more since then, now that I properly love him as an author.

    • Jenny, if his other books are better than Fairies, as it’s sounding from yours and Helen’s comments, I’m pretty sure I’ll like them. Don’t get me wrong, I did like Fairies – it was good, light-hearted and fun, I just didn’t love it totally.

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