Gaskella’s Midweek Miscellany #19

I only got one book for Christmas this year, (Rebels & Traitors by Lindsey Davis – a departure for her from ancient Rome to the English Civil War) – but I did get receive something bookish from my other half. Yes I got a Kindle, and yes as soon as it was charged I downloaded lots of free books, plus my book club Christmas read (see below), but before any more discussion of it I need to declare something …

Dear booksellers of England, just because I’ve got a Kindle, it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop buying real books from you. It will live in my handbag where it takes up less space and weight than most books and I’ll use it mostly for reading free classics, or book club reads that I don’t want to buy a physical copy of, but not the sort of real books I usually buy.

Now I’ve got that off my chest, how am I getting on with it? Well, firstly, you’ll see I bought a snazzy lightweight padded neoprene cover for it (it’s pink and furry inside); didn’t fancy the more bulky leather ones somehow.  My OH was glad he hadn’t got me one, as he’d have never chosen that! As for reading on it, I’m now fifteen or so chapters into Moby Dick (our book club read for Christmas). It’s a challenging first book, as I have to backpage frequently to remember wordiness from previous parts, but I’m using all the functions and now I’m totally used to not seeing a full page of text; thought that would take longer than it has, so I’m really pleased. I’ve got til Monday to polish off Moby – currently 18% of the way through the 7815 sections of this book. Not sure whether I like that way of expressing it instead of pages, but ask me again later!

* * * * *

Changing tack, I may not have got much reading done this Christmas, but didn’t we in the UK have some good telly!  Wonderful one-off dramas like Eric and Ernie, and Toast, mini-series like Upstairs Downstairs, and of course the repeats of Downton Abbey.

However this weekend, my attention is going theatre-wards.  Daughter & I are going to Stratford to see the new RSC musical hit Matilda with songs by the Australian comedian Tim Minchin.  I re-joined the RSC just so I could get priority booking last summer and I’ve been dying to see it. The reviews have been phenomenal and we’ll get to see the new theatre too.  A full write-up will come next week!

* * * * *

To buy books mentioned from, click below:
Rebels and Traitors by Lindsey Davis
Moby Dick (Oxford World’s Classics) by Herman Melville.


8 thoughts on “Gaskella’s Midweek Miscellany #19

  1. I have Kindle envy! Might have to suggest that the offspring combine to get me one for my birthday.
    Have to say though that Moby Dick is no easier in printed copy – I attempted it after being inspired by a trip to Cape Cod and managed a couple of chapters but gave up when I kept losing concentration.
    Saw a couple of the Upstairs Downstairs and did enjoy them so I hope they will make a full series but failed miserably to see Eric and Ernie as OH was convinced it was on on Bank Holiday Monday but hopefully it will be repeated or out on DVD or something.
    Did see ‘Zen’ though and thought Rufus Sewell did a good job as the very quirky Aurelio, not to mention looking wonderful in his sharp Italian suits and the scenery was very nice too!

  2. I kind of have Kindle envy but think I like the non-big brother aspects of the Sony e-reader more. If anyone ever comes across recent reviews of the newest Kindle versus the newest Sony then I would love to know!

  3. I use my ereader mostly for classics too. And I personally prefer page count to percentages, but it seems ereaders prefer percentage.

  4. An update – I’m getting on well with my Kindle, slightly less well with Moby Dick! Sunday afternoon and only 42% through with Book Group tomorrow night …

  5. I’m used to percentage count now and really enjoy knowing how far through I am…. but long footnotes and appendices throw me a bit! I know I am 8 months late here, but I had to post and say…. You have a twin for my Kris Kindle! I chose that same case when I got him (it) last September! And does everyone else creep up to you and start stroking the inside because it’s so soft? I have to insist my daughter can’t take it as a sleeping bag for her dolls!

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