Reading Resolutions 2010 – How did I do?

Back in January, as always, I made some reading resolutions.  There were just four of them, so how did I do this year?

1. As always, try and reduce the TBR mountains – goes without saying really. That also means acquiring less books – but I’m not going to impose any out and out purchasing restrictions. Instead I shall try to think more about all the good reads waiting that I already have. FAILED

Out of over 100 books read in 2010, a large number, 37 to be exact were published in 2010, and a further 27 were published in 2009 and so hadn’t been in the TBR long if at all – mostly paperbacks of hardbacks released in 2009 I’d wager.  Looking through my list, I could only count around 20 that were definitely acquired further back in time (and that’s counting the Lord of the Rings as three books).  I have plans to address that this year!

2. Read the Canongate Myths series – This was one from 2009 that I failed to achieve at all, but if I make an effort to read one volume a month, it’ll be fun, and I love re-tellings of this kind. PASSED PARTLY

I started well and managed four out of the dozen or so titles in this series so far. I rather got sidetracked onto the Mabinogion later in the year – which are also retellings of myths, so think I can just about say I passed.

3. Again try to read more books published before I was born. (Between you and me that means pre-1960). I’m thinking of finally getting to grips with Wodehouse for starters, and more Thomas Hardy. PASSED

In 2009 I read just five books published pre-1960, so it couldn’t be hard to do better.  In 2010 I read 13 (again counting LOTR as three though).  That is a respectable pass as far as I’m concerned even though I still haven’t got around to Wodehouse or more Hardy!

4. Re-read a few books that I really enjoyed the first time around. Last year I revisited just one book fully and it was an excellent experience, so I should definitely do it again more often. PASSED

I joined in the LOTR readalong and loved it all over again.  Also I re-read Ella Minnow Pea and The Spy Who Came in From the Cold for book group, both books standing up well to being re-read – Spy turning out to be my Book of the Year.  I was planning to take part in DGR’s War & Peace readalong, but didn’t get started in time.  I think that’s about the right level of re-reading given my un-read TBR so that’s a pass.

I’m still musing on updating my resolutions for 2011. I’m not a great one for challenges and the like, so shall keep things simple – but that’s another post …

How did you go against your Reading Resolutions if you made them?


3 thoughts on “Reading Resolutions 2010 – How did I do?

  1. I am impressed with your organisation. It didn’t occur to me to set goals like that – I tend to just drift from one book to another. I discovered Balzac this year and intend to read two or three more in the Human Comedy series, but apart from that I think I’ll just see what comes along.

    I read two Canongate myths and found one good the other not so good. I tried a readalong on Don Quixote but got lost about half way through due to pressure of other books.

    I hope you publish next year’s goals i.d.c!

  2. How did I do with my reading resolutions? Failed miserably!
    2010 was supposed to be the Reading from Home year a la Susan Hill. I wasn’t going to buy any books, would seriously cut back on the library books and start working through my TBR mountain.
    I think I got through the first three weeks of the year before I succumbed to the lure of Amazon and the rot really set in – after all if it costs only 10p for a used copy that hardly counts does it?
    Eleven and a half months on, I have genuinely run out of storage room and can’t see the working space in my home office/library for the piles of books residing on any surface that had any room at all. The TBR mountain now has its own foothills! I also have two large supermarket bags full of library books that people keep falling over. Even I know that something has to change!

    So … this year I really will have to have a year of reading from home and be ruthless about clearing out all those books I have read which don’t fall into the must-keep category.
    Other than that, I hope to keep up with the War & Peace readalong but that is about it – 2011 is shaping up to be a busy year both work wise and in terms of family life (19 days to go before my son and daughter-in-law’s twins arrive (DV) unless of course they decide to arrive earlier) so I am very reluctant to make too many plans.
    Hope you and yours have a Very Happy, Healthy and Enjoyable New Year!

    • Liz – I know your problem – I have foothills too! Maybe with your busy time ahead of you, you won’t have so much time for browsing and impulse purchases. Seriously, even if I only manage to rein in my book acquisitions a little it’ll help the piles stop growing if I can keep my reading rate up. (It’ll help the bank balance too of course which is a good thing!).

      Good luck with the twins – that sounds so exciting, I hope it goes well for everyone – and you’ll get lovely babies to cuddle and spoil rotten. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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