The TBR Dare – are you brave enough to take it?

In a possibly mad moment of bravery, I’ve signed up for the TBR Dare over at Ready When You Are CB.

Deliberately posed as a dare rather than a challenge, participants are asked to commit to reading only from their TBR piles for a certain length of time or a number of books. The dare will finish on April 1, and if you’re interested click through to the sign up page above.

My TBR pile has been so out of control for so long, I don’t know how many books are in it, except that they go into four figures – my own personal library, so I’ve signed up for the full three months (with a pass for book club reads).

Simon S of Savidge Reads has not bought a book all year, and Simon T of Stuck in a book has managed his Project 24, so it’s not impossible to buy less books … will I be able to do it for just three months? As they say – Watch this space!!!


12 thoughts on “The TBR Dare – are you brave enough to take it?

  1. Mostly Books may go bust, Annabel – thank goodness it’s not for a year! But really, a 4 figure TBR pile? That’s almost as bad as my fabric/button/thread stash!

    • Actually – there’s no rule against buying new books – just to read ones you already own. OMG – I think I’ve found a loophole!!! Still I will try and act in the spirit of the dare and not buy any for the three months.

  2. Don’t stress Annabel, my TBR pile is well into 4 figures, Mr.G has given up wondering whether he will ever see certain parts of the floor again!!!

    I think you are very brave to take up such a challenge, but just think of the inroads you would make, if you did it for the whole year.

    I really want to commit to signing up, but I know that my Dad and Mother-in-law, will continue to give me books to read, that if I refused them, would be consigned to a recycling centre (guess why? because they don’t have any room to store them either) and I just could not bear for that to happen.

    Guess I will just have to cheer you on from the sidelines! and I take my hat off to Simon S, that’s one brave man!

    • As I said, it’s not a 4 figure TBR pile, it’s a personal lending library! (masquerading as a TBR mountain range).

  3. I signed up for 6 weeks – I’m looking forward to the new Teresa Solano too much to wait. After that and the Glasgow Aye Write Festival in March, I may do another six weeks and so on throughout the year. I am also the possessor of a 1000+ TBR and am going to make concerted efforts to read my way through it next year.

    • Good on you Lizzy. I am also going to try to weed out the TBR a little. I’m embarking on a stocktake at the moment, making sure all my books are listed on Librarything (and I’m finding a lot that aren’t so that TBR is getting bigger in confirmed numbers daily! Good luck.

  4. good luck I would love to say I would sign up but know I like buying books to much but sure point will come where I need space to clear some space ,all the best stu

    • I love buying books too which is why my TBR is out of control. Still I do have several birthdays to shop for during the three months …

  5. Since I am well aware that I have to get my self-discipline up and running in the New Year for all sorts of reasons, then I may as well get started with my TBR mountain range which is also so far into 4 figures that I don’t dare to even attempt to count it or I would frighten myself!
    It will probably help that January and February are looking as though they are going to be mega busy in terms of work and home so so long as I can resist the lure of Amazon I should be okay to sign up and know that I am going to stick to it!

  6. Oooh good challenge, I dont think I could do it though as in my year of not buying I have become somewhat of a library addict and dont think I could avoid it. I might just mull it over though and see.

    • Now you’ve had a cull of your TBR, the books left should seem more attractive – non? You could do one month with an exception for work-related and book group books and see how you go …

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