If a picture paints a thousand words …

Recently Simon T at Stuck in a Book set a challenge. To find a picture that represents your reading tastes – he’s collating entries here. I thought for a while about this, and came up with two pictures – a cheat I know, but I couldn’t find a singleton.

This represents a lot of things to me …

  • A nice corner to curl up and read in.
  • Comfort – add a cup of tea and a cushion or two and it’s complete.
  • Red – my favourite colour (except I’m in an emerald green phase at the moment). Red is such an exciting, emotional colour, and I like exciting books.
  • Design – This oversized Conran ‘Matador’ armchair is just beautifully designed.  Just like a well-designed cover will draw me in.
  • Quirkiness – It’s oversized, a little bit daring.  I do love a dose of quirk in my reading!
  • It’s also perfectly formed, with no unecessary additions – Order – something I aspire to, but fear I’ll never attain.
  • This is the armchair for me – it’s on my wishlist!

But there is another less ordered side to my reading tastes…

This photo from an article in the Mirror about the average contents of a woman’s handbag represents …

  • Everything bar the kitchen sink – My books are wide-ranging with a bit of everything somewhere.
  • Disorder – viz the TBR mountains!

Please note I don’t read the Mirror (I just googled ‘Everything bar the kitchen sink’ and it came up with this article).

It was so much fun thinking about this, do have a go and link back to Simon.


15 thoughts on “If a picture paints a thousand words …

  1. Great photos and reasoning behind them! I’m already a little in love with the first one…

    My friend and I, whenever we write letters to each other, ALWAYS list the contents of our bags – somehow this always leads on to amusing stories behind the items.

    • I saw that armchair before in a magazine and mentally tagged it, and luckily it came to me when thinking about this challenge.

      I wouldn’t know where to start with my bag – it’s big and always chocka-full!

  2. Oh you made me laugh! I’ve been using small handbags for a while now trying to stop myself from lugging too much around with me. Maybe I should apply that to my tbr piles. A smaller bag doesn’t work though and neither does trying to restrict the books I feel I have to have.

    I can’t think of a picture to show my reading tastes – I think I’d need a suitcase – oh there’s an idea!!

  3. Margaret – I cannot be doing with little handbags. Apart from the fact that they’re definitely not my style, I have to have all my bits and pieces. Besides you have to be able to fit a decent sized book in!

    Yesterday I tried pruning the TBR piles – only managed to get rid of 2 books!

  4. Gosh – the second picture looks just like the contents of my handbag (that i am always intending to clean out but doubt I ever will). I also like red and wear it in defiance of having red hair…
    I think that this has been such an interesting challenge, I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s contributions.

    Thanks for sharing

    • It has been fun hasn’t it. I liked your picture too – I don’t know Spencer’s work very well, and haven’t seen that picture before.

  5. Very good illustrations. I can’t dream up any visual image to illustrate my reading but will ponder this as I drive to my appointment this morning!

  6. Great pictures, I found it really hard to pick just one but in the end I did. I should have gone for something with lots of random objects in it… drats.

    • But you justified your choice too which was great! I really couldn’t pick just one – If there had been a big red handbag in the handbag contents, that would have done it, but I didn’t have time to photoshop anything.

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