Another OK-ish teen paranormal romance

The Immortals: Evermore by Alyson Noel

Let me tell you what I liked in this book:
+ There is a ghost that steals every scene she’s in;
+ The heroine has psychic powers that she struggles to control;
+ There are no vampires;
+ The heroine is not quite as squeaky clean as a certain other heroine;
+ The language of flowers;
+ It’s a quick and easy read.

Now let me tell you what I didn’t like so much in this book:
– Damen, Ever, Haven – silly names – Sorry!
– Damen just seemed not to care enough, unlike a certain other hero;
– Ever wasn’t really angsty enough;
– Summerland was confusing, I don’t believe Drina couldn’t find it;
– The red drink they had to imbibe reminded me of ‘Trublood’.
– The Immortals seemed just like vampires who didn’t kill – hang on, isn’t that in another book?

So on balance  6+ and 6- = OK.  Younger teens will probably love this book. Me, I’m over forty and need good writing, more plot and characterisation, but what do I know!

(5.5/10; Book supplied by the Amazon Vine programme)


4 thoughts on “Another OK-ish teen paranormal romance

  1. The vampire/supernatural/immortal themes are proliferating faster than a rabbit warren on fertility drugs! Inevitably for every good book there are three which are pale copies and about a dozen which are truly dreadful.
    It seems that this genre has taken over from the bodice rippers as the home of silly names and bad writing and since many of these are aimed at teens, I think that it is the duty of responsible adults to point them in the direction of quality not trash.
    My 16 year old recommends P.C Cast’s House of Night books as being better than the Twilight series.

  2. I read the first of the House of Night ones too last autumn and enjoyed it. for the review.

    Of the ones I’ve read since those mentioned above, none of the teen paranormal romances have really made the grade – sad but true. Sookie Stackhouse is excepted but that’s for an older audience.

    However I recently read Clive McNish’s new book Savannah Grey and that was very different and rather brilliant. Still paranormal romance, but no black cover with a real horror element and English.

  3. my husband just recently reviewed the forest of hand and teeth and came more or less to the same conclusion – hes not a teenage girl LOL

    I do like the Sookie Stackhouse ones but like you say, they are aimed for an older audience.

  4. Apart from finishing the Twilight and Sookie Stackhouse sets, I think I’m just about done with black-covered paranormal teen novels now!!!

    I have been noticing a new(?) trend for historical teen fiction though … It’s always been there of course, (Celia Rees etc) but I’ve noticed more lately – Mary Hooper’s novels attract me, and I’ve one by the author Mary Hoffmann (Stravaganza etc) called Troubadour on my TBR pile.

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