This week has been so busy, that I’ve not got much reading done, let alone posting. But I did pick up a magazine or two to browse and this got me thinking …

Last year I posted about my favourite mags and how I loved them and others. Now there are only four that I still subscribe to that I wouldn’t want to stop, and they are: The Word, Empire, Nat Geographic and The Literary Review, as described in that previous post. I still read these few from cover to cover and then leaf through again before passing them on.

… But with any others, and here I principally mean interiors and women’s monthlies, I find myself leafing through them, but not taking it in. There’s so much recycling of articles – yet another chic flat with a Balzac armchair and acres of gleaming white shelving or the remodelled Victorian terrace with open-plan kitchen-diner extension to die for; endless recipes on what to do with leftovers or cooking gourmet meals in minutes; and, dare I say it, all the human interest stories of infidelity, surviving breast cancer, it goes one and on, (and that’s not including fashion and beauty pages which I’ve never read anyway).

What’s your relationship with magazines these days? Are you suffering from recycled-article-fatigue like me? Am I just getting more and more middle-aged? I think the answer must be just to READ MORE BOOKS!

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