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It’s so long since I did a bits and pieces post – it’s only worth doing when you’ve the requisite bits to talk about though…

Book questionFirstly, advance warning to local quiz fans – The Mostly Bookbrains Literary Quiznight is returning in April, Friday 19th to be precise.  No further details at the moment, but all the profits will be donated to charity.  Be assured, we will cover the whole world of books in the questions!

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Secondly a link – for anyone interested in books aimed at teenagers and young adults, Simon Savidge has started a debate here about the ‘new’ genre of NA or New Adult books. Fascinating and empassioned stuff!

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Thirdly, after the success of my Beryl Bainbridge Reading Week last year, I was contemplating hosting another themed season.

I’m in a quandary however, as I know that a ‘Beryl II’ themed week would be appreciated in many quarters; I still have around half her books to read myself, but I have recently read and reviewed the latest addition to the Beryl canon – the first biography - Beryl Bainbridge: Artist, Writer, Friend by Psiche Hughes, and I don’t think I have anything more to add to supporting another Beryl week apart from reading the books.  I am still maintaining my Reading Beryl page above however, and I will continue to add links to your reviews of Beryl’s books if you let me know.

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Which finally leads me to giving some hints as to what I’m planning for mid-May instead.  I’ll just state at the outset that the choice of May is arbitrary – no anniversaries etc for this author – it just suits my schedule. Here are some clues – Maybe you can work out who it is…

  • There is an author whom I’ve read quite a few works by, but still have a good few to go. I’d also like to re-read his (yes, it’s a ‘he’) early novels. I’ve never reviewed him on this blog.
  • He’s very much alive and still writing.
  • He writes two kinds of fiction, mainstream and genre.

There I’ll leave it!  Do have a go at guessing who it is.

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