Today, dearest readers, I crave your indulgence …

Although I do take bags and bags of books to the charity shop, there are many that I want to clear out that I could raise a few bob from rather than giving away. I have listings on Amazon – but have to be able to charge a minimum of £2.50+P&P to net £1 with the selling fees – and I’m up against all those 1p copies, and I still have to store them for as long as it takes. Car boot sales here are generally a dead loss for selling books too.

So, I’ve made a selection from those I wish to sell, to offer via my blog and I have added a new page above – click on Books for Sale and you’ll see a list of around twenty which’ll get added to occasionally. I’ve concentrated on more interesting/collectible/out of print titles and all are books I’ve bought one way or another, or were from my late Mum’s collection. I’ve tried to be as accurate as I can in the descriptions. I’ve quoted UK P&P but am happy to send worldwide – weights are given for guidance.

As I need to make some room desperately, I am open to offers, especially on multiple purchases. Just email me to reserve, get a P&P quote, have any queries, want more pictures etc.

Thank you.

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