This quarter I’m taking part in the TBR Double Dare hosted by CB James where I have vowed only to read books I already owned before 1.1.12 until the end of March. I managed it last year, and I will manage it this year too (with an exception for Book Group books).

I’ve read nine books now this year, and although they all arrived before 1.1.12, eight out of nine only arrived in Nov/Dec. The only oldie was Oscar & Lucinda. So during the rest of Feb & March I must try harder to read some more books that have lingered on the shelves for longer.

Only reading from the TBR doesn’t preclude adding to it for reading later though.

This is my ‘Embargo‘ pile.  Everything I’ve acquired from all sources since Jan 1.  It includes the latest additions to the New Mabinogion stories just below the top – a series that I’ve read from the start, and the latest Sherlock Holmes novel – The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz which was a charity shop find, plus the Costa Children’s book winner Blood Red Road by Moira Young which has been described as Mad Max meets Patrick Ness.

I really want to read some of these – but I’ll have to wait!

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