Dear friends, gosh isn’t life busy! Just wanted to drop a few lines in to say that blogging is having to play second fiddle to life at the moment. I will blog when and as I can, but firstly I am rather absorbed with compiling the questions for my literary quiznight (see the previous post). Work is also hectic but, most importantly of all, I’m helping my daughter through her entrance exams for next schools.  To say it has been tense these past few weeks is an understatement – and that’s just the Mums, who can’t talk about anything else – at all!  The girls, who are halfway through the exams for the various senior schools, and now past the stage of having to do yet more horrible practice papers, are taking it in their stride.  Good luck and best wishes to all of them – but I’m sure they’ll all do well.

January never used to be this busy – or am I imagining it?

I’m doing well on the TBR Double Dare.  Five books have come through the door, but they’ve gone into an ‘embargo pile‘ except for Stasiland by Anna Funder which is our book group choice for Feb into March.  At the moment I’m nearing halfway through Oscar and Lucinda by Peter Carey – I’m enjoying it very much but it is a dense, almost Dickensian read – more of that in posts to come. I’m also up to book four of the Adrian Mole books by Sue Townsend; those nice people at Penguin sent me a set before Christmas – but again, more of him in a while.

Alongside reducing the TBR by reading it, I’ve managed to sort out a single bag of books to go to the charity shop since the start of the month.  These days I cull bag by bag, and as one goes I start a new bag. When that’s full, off it goes, and so on. Much less painful than doing it in large chunks.

What will I be reading next?  Well top of the pile is Riders by Jilly Cooper – which is our book group read for Jan into Feb. An indulgence?  Maybe, but I for one have never read her.  Also, The Man Who Rained by Ali Shaw – a second adult fairy-tale from this promising young author, and The Child Who, the third novel from Simon Lelic, author of the acclaimed debut Rupture.

How’s your 2012 going book-wise?

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