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Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde

I finished reading this novel just before I went to see Jasper Fforde a few weeks ago. I was planning to write my thoughts about this brilliant book shortly thereafter, but I’ve been struck with a severe case of the ‘Jasper Fforde role-playing game’… This, he said, was how everyone gets stuck trying to describe his books.

So what is Shades of Grey about? It’s a dystopian view of a world far in the future where technology is regressing. Society has developed a strict class structure based upon colour and your status is determined by the colours you perceive. See, it’s not straight-forward to explain, is it? It is though – full of original characters that you’ll love and hate; it has Fforde’s zany humour and oodles of quirkiness running all through it. It also has romance, coming of age and fish out of water themes, and is part one of a trilogy (part two in 2013). What more could you want?…

… Underlying this class satire and all the small town politics is a level of seriousness unseen in previous Fforde books. It was primarily this vein of gravitas that made me love it more than any previous Fforde read.  It is also a rather complex world, and it took a little time to get into, but I couldn’t put it down once I started to learn a bit about this bizarre system.

I’m going to give up trying to talk about it any more. Instead I’m going to say ‘Don’t ask, just read it!’  And one of you can get a free copy to do just that!

I have a signed copy of the new paperback edition to give away.  I’ll send world-wide, (surface to far off places).  All you have to do is mention your favourite dystopia – in print, on film or TV in the comments.

I’ll make the draw next Friday.  Meanwhile you might like to read Chasing Bawa‘s review – Sakura managed to describe the book far better than me.

Shades of Grey is a startlingly original dystopia that I loved.  (10/10)

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Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde