So a few weeks in and one chunky book under my belt, how am I getting on with my Kindle

Pretty well I think.  I’m used to the smaller amount of text on the screen versus the page, I’ve used the bookmarking and highlighting functions,  searched for a half-remembered quote and found it.  I’ve downloaded several free classics, plus a book for my daughter if she wants a go; I used the dictionary too.  I’m definitely on top of most of the functions, and I’ve only dropped it once when I fell asleep reading – luckily onto a soft surface.    Last night was the first time I had to recharge it having used it most days, but turning the wi-fi off when you don’t need it does preserve the juice.  The e-ink is great to read too, not tiring on the eye at all.

These are all positives. Are there any negatives – well yes in that it’s frustrating having to backbutton through masses of pages to find a bit you suddenly need to refer back to.    It would be nicer if Kindle books came with bookmarks built in for the chapters and popular passages.  Meanwhile I need to remember to insert my own more often.  On balance though, it’s a hit.

I’m going to start reading Les Miserables by Victor Hugo next. Limiting myself to the free classics for now could be a great way of expanding my education in this area!

* * * * *

Changing tack now – how am I getting on with the TBR Dare?  Well, seventeen days into the ninety I signed up for, I’ve not bought a single book, I’ve even turned down one offer of freebies.  I have been into my local bookshop, where I bought not books, but a Puffin Mug(!) and a ticket to see Jasper Fforde on February 22nd in Abingdon, (click here for details.)  I may have to give in for this event and buy one book so that I can get it signed, but if I survive until then and promise  not to read it or buy any other new books until the end of March, you’ll let me off won’t you?

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