When I started my blog just over a year ago, I wrote a couple of posts about things I haven’t read but should have. I’ve had so much to say since, I haven’t had much time to reflect further on the gaps in my reading.

Then this afternoon on Radio 4, they were talking about the Wodehouse appreciation society, and I realised I have never read a P.G.Wodehouse book! Moreover, I don’t even posess one in the TBR mountain range; whereas I own and love the complete Fry & Laurie Jeeves & Wooster on DVD. How can this be? How can I have missed reading one of the greatest funny writers ever?

Something to be rectified as soon as I’ve done my vampire bit for Halloween I think. Should I start with the first Jeeves & Wooster, or one of the Blandings, or indeed any other – What do you think?

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